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Classes ➢ Xenoa
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A race that has ruled Ethergia since the demise of the ancient races. Though having a weak physical ability, they have an outstanding spiritual power and huge knowledge. They are excellent in magic and long-range combat. But they are arrogant.They can select Hunter or Battle Magician as a job. Hunters use long-range weapon launchers, and Battle Magicians are good at atomic magic combat.


Xenoas have an unmatched high intelligence. In spite of their lowphysical power, they have good hand-skills and eyesight. To make up fortheir weakness, they have upgraded their long-distance attacks andknowledge-based magic. Xenoas keep the order base on religion, faithand authority. To become the leader of the race, one should show thepower of faith to the public. Xenoas believe that they are superior toother races, and are selective, disregarding other races. Currently,the Xenoa is a minority race. But their knowledge of science is very high. Xenoa magic has been developed in a way so that the Xenoas caneffectively protect themselves. But some of the magic is for attackingoff-guard enemies. Due to its small body, a Xenoa is good at long-rangeattacks or traps. Its skills of healing or detecting are stronger than the ones of other races. Rather than direct magic attack, Xenoas are excellent in support magic. A Xenoa would even sacrifice itself to cast a huge magic attack.

Combat Style

Due to poor physical ability, Xenoas prefer long-range attack styles.Their magic is mainly based on the power and spirit of faith.

Race Relations

Xenoas are very intelligent and tend to disregard other races. But a Xenoa also has the wisdom to hide it. They are also good at manipulating; their magic power is unmatched by the other races.

Xenoa Classes

AvengerRangerHunterElementalistDruidBattle MagicianXenoaClasses.gif
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Possession Beast

The Possession Beast type, Rebria Sym.png Rebria, is exclusive to the Xenoa race.

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