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World Map

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World Map

Crescent (S1) Turba Nightmare Crescent Parness South Hammerine Wood North Hammerine Wood Numaren Rozen
Rondel Valdes Kurt Zakate Rondel Nova Lux Trifri Trasse Plancy Lab Cohen Town Alban Harbor ?
• South Bivouac
• Eastern Lumbering Site
• Blackhand Debouchment
• Forgotten Port
• North Bivouac
• Blackhand Branch
• West Lighthouse
• North Watchtower
• Bivouac
• Crematory
• South Watchtower
• Conveyance Port
• Roke Watchtower
• Blackhand Camp
• South Bivouac
• Eastern Lumbering Site
• Blackhand Debouchment
• Forgotten Port
• North Bivouac
• Blackhand Branch
• West Lighthouse
• South Bivouac
• Red Stone Inn
• Light Defense Square
• Outpost
• Ruined Hateque
• Lux Beach
• T'Nux Port
• Rozen Merchant Guild Headquarters
• Chalt Village
• Themis Farm
• Carron Farm
• Small Bivouac
• Hammerine Bivouac
• Exploration Camp
• Deserted Lot
Narsell Lab
• Lumbermill
• Grel Lumbermill
• 1st Ion Harvesting Machine
• 2nd Ion Harvesting Machine
• 3rd Ion Harvesting Machine
• 4th Ion Harvesting Machine
• Zauber Village
• Excavation Camp
• Refugee Quarter
Temperion Training Camp Temperion Training Camp (S2) Nightmare Crescent Dead Pit Parness Treasure Dungeon South Hammerine Wood Treasure Dungeon North Hammerine Wood Treasure Dungeon Numaren Treasure Dungeon Cornix Castle
Prisoner's Labor Camp Fridha Mine Voxyon's Lair Parness Premium Dungeon South Hammerine Wood Premium Dungeon North Hammerine Wood Premium Dungeon Numaren Treasure Dungeon II Chromeeos Fortress
Chaste Sanctum Chaste Sanctum re-release Valdes, Bastion In Flames Ruins of Lament Aircraft Accident Site Mine (Lumbermill) Numeren Premium Dungeon Island of dark karandidu ?
Abandoned Mine Prison Mine Infected Valdes Ancient Temple Secret Lab (S1) Wrecked Ship of Ru Buran Narsell Lab Numeren Premium Dungeon II
Crescent Dead Pit Black Tower Nach's Eye Doom Cheras' Lair Robina Mine
Ruinhorn's Lair Mythic Doom Cheras' Lair
*Event Only*
Sicarius Hideout
Giant Ammonite Dark Sanctuary Right Wing Jacob Shrine West Wing
Left Wing East Wing
Throne of Werinuman North Wing
Ion Mine (Grel Forest) Secret Temple The Altar of Sacrifice
Ion Mine (Narsell Forest) Erunil Tower
Ion Mine (Aranes Forest) Titan Ruinhorn's Lair
*Event Only*
Numaris Ruins
  • Note:
    • Yellow cells are Treasure Dungeons.
    • Orange cells are Premium Dungeons.
    • Green cells are open dungeons.
    • Brown cells are boss dungeons.
    • Pink cells are raid dungeons.
    • Gray cells indicates that the place is not complete or has been removed.

Battle Maps

Battle maps

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Guid vs. Guild Tournament map