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Weapon gallery

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Weapon Gallery (Graphics Heavy)

This is a image gallery of what each weapon looks like when equipped. Most images include the names of the "screen cap" provider. (Please DO NOT replace someone else's images - Please see guidelines.)

Notice: Please view our Weapon Gallery Guidelines for further information on these galleries.


Icon Name Image
W R07 Claw Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Claw of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Claws.jpg
W Claw 1010.jpg 1

W Claw 1015.jpg 5

W Claw 1020.jpg 5

Acer claw.JPG
W Claw 1020.jpg 16/25

Ghand Claw.jpg
W Claw 1025.jpg 25

Keen claw.JPG
W Claw 1030.jpg 25

Accel claw.JPG
W Claw 2030.jpg 40

W Claw 2035.jpg 40

W Claw 2040.jpg 50
Vortex claw.JPG
W Claw 2045.jpg 50

Blaze claw.JPG
W Claw 2050.jpg 55

W Claw 3050.jpg 55

Fissure claw.JPG
W Claw 3055.jpg 60

Fw-claw.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-claw.JPG 65

W Claw 3070.jpg 65

Thunderbolt claw.JPG
Tbfinfiniteclawicon.png 25 - 85

(Claw of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Claw68.jpg 65/66

(Claw of Ancient Weapon)
Ancient claw.JPG
Twisted Clawsnewicon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted Claw)
W R01 Claw RuinHorn.jpg
Fw-claw.JPG 68

(Claw of Hard Tumbling)
W R02 Claws Biskra.jpg
Claw69.jpg 69/70

R03 Claw.jpg
Claw71.jpg 71

(Accidental Death)
W R04 Claw Wir.jpg
W R05 Claw.jpg 72

(Claws of Control)
R05 Claw.jpg
W R06 Claw Tylant.jpg 75

(Claws of Soul Reposing)
R06 Claw.jpg
Lvl79-claw-sym.PNG 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Claws)
Cursed claw.jpg
Lvl85-claw-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Claws)
W R09 Claw.jpg
Jalrandhara-claw-sym.png 85

(Jalrandhara / Trinity Claws)


Icon Name Image
W R07 CrossBow Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Crossbow of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Xbow.jpg
W CrossBow 1010.jpg 1

W CrossBow 1015.jpg 5

W CrossBow 1020.jpg 5

W CrossBow 1020.jpg 16/25

Ghand CrossBow.jpg
W CrossBow 1025.jpg 25

W CrossBow 1030.jpg 25

W CrossBow 2030.jpg 40

W CrossBow 2035.jpg 40

W CrossBow 2040.jpg 50
W CrossBow 2045.jpg 50

W CrossBow 2050.jpg 55

W CrossBow 3050.jpg 55

W CrossBow 3055.jpg 60

Fw-xbow.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-xbow.gif 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Tem-of-qw.JPG 65

(Temptation of Quite Whispers)
W INS03 CrossBow Boss.jpg
Tbfinfinitecrossbowicon.png 25 - 85

(Crossbow of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
W CrossBow 3050.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 CrossBow RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-xbow.gif 68/58

(Harpoon for Sea Monster)
R02 Crossbow.jpg
W R03 CrossBow Doom.jpg 69/70

(Firedragon Wing)
R03 Crossbow.jpg
W CrossBow 3070.jpg 71

(Immutable Law)
W R04 CrossBow Wir.jpg
W R05 CrossBow.jpg 72

(Crossbow of Control)
R05 Crossbow.jpg
W R06 CrossBow Tylant.jpg 75

(CrossBow of Soul Reposing)
R06 Crossbow.jpg
Lvl79-xbow-cursed-sym.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Crossbow)
Cursed xbow.jpg
OminousHellIroncrossbowicon.jpg 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Crossbow)
W R09 Xbow.jpg
Asutar-xbow-sym.png 85

(Asutar / Trinity Crossbow)

Dual Swords

Icon Name Image
W R07 TwinSword Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Dual Swords of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Duals.jpg
W DualSword 1010.jpg 1

W DualSword 1015.jpg 5

W DualSword 1020.jpg 5

W DualSword 1020.jpg 16/25

Ghand Duals.jpg
W DualSword 1025.jpg 25

Keen duals.JPG
W DualSword 1030.jpg 25

Accel duals.JPG
W DualSword 2030.jpg 40

Ferus duals.JPG
W DualSword 2035.jpg 40

Storm duals.JPG
W DualSword 2040.jpg 50
W DualSword 2045.jpg 50

Blaze duals.JPG
W DualSword 2050.jpg 55

Thunder duals.JPG
W DualSword 3050.jpg 55

Fissure duals.JPG
Dog-dual.JPG 60

Gust duals.JPG
Frost duals.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Frostwind duals.JPG
Bb-dual.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
ThunderboltDS.png 65

Thunderbolt duals.JPG
Tbfinfinitedualsicon.png 25 - 85

(Dual Swords of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Sotfm.jpg 65/66

(Shout of the Faceless Man)
Shout duals.JPG
W DualSword 3050.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Duals RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-dual.gif 68/58

(Sea Snake's Rake Claw)
R02 Dual.jpg
Lad dual.jpg 69/70

(Life and Death)
R03 Dual.jpg
Scream dual.jpg 69/71

(Scream of Devil)
Weri duals.JPG
W R05 TwinSword.jpg 72

(Dual Swords of Control)
R05 Duals.jpg
W R06 TwinSword Tylant.jpg 75

(Dual Swords of Soul Reposing)
R06 Duals.jpg
Cursedduals ico.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Dual Swords)
Cursed dual.jpg
OmiDualSwicon.jpg 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Dual Swords)
W R09 Dual.jpg
Jalrandhara-dual-sym.png 85

(Jalrandhara / Trinity Dual Swords)


Icon Name Image
Pvp 1hsword.jpg

(Ultimate Sword of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Sword.jpg
W Sword 1010.jpg 1

W Sword 1015.jpg 5

Fides sword.JPG
W Sword 1020.jpg 5

GandharvaS2swordicon.png 16/25

Ghand Sword.jpg
W Sword 1025.jpg 25

Keen sword.JPG
W Sword 1030.jpg 25

Accel sword.JPG
W Sword 2030.jpg 40

Ferus sword.JPG
W Sword 2035.jpg 40

Storm sword.JPG
W Sword 2040.jpg 50
W Sword 2045.jpg 50

Blaze sword.JPG
W Sword 2050.jpg 55

Thunder sword.JPG
W Sword 3050.jpg 55

Fissure sword.JPG
W Sword 3055.jpg 60

Gust sword.JPG
Fw-sword.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Frostwind sword.JPG
Bb-sword.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Brutalblaze sword.JPG
W Sword 3070.jpg 65

Thunderbolt sword.JPG
Pvp 1hsword.jpg 25 - 85

(Sword of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Kusgephoonsds.jpg 65/66

(Kushephoon's Devil Sword)
Kushephoon sword.JPG
W Sword 3050.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Sword RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-sword.gif 68/58

(Siren's Poison Tooth)
R02 Sword.jpg
Kalion-sword.jpg 69/70

(Kalion's Sword)
R03 Sword.jpg
1hsw.JPG 69/71

(Dark Blade)
W R04 Sword Wir.jpg
W R05 Sword.jpg 72

(Sword of Control)
R05 Sword.jpg
W R06 Sword Tylant.jpg 75

(Sword of Soul Reposing)
R06 Sword.jpg
Cursed1hsword ico.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Sword)
Cursed sword.jpg
Lvl85-1hsword-sym.PNG 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Sword)
W R09 Sword.jpg
Kumbhaka-1hsword-sym.png 85

(Kumbhaka / Trinity Sword)

Giant Sword

Icon Name Image
W R07 DoubleSword Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Giant Sword of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 2hSword.jpg
W DoubleSword 1010.jpg 1

W DoubleSword 1015.jpg 5

W DoubleSword 1020.jpg 5

GandharvaS2gswordicon.png 16/25

Ghand GiantSword.jpg
W DoubleSword 1025.jpg 25

Keen 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 1030.jpg 25

Accel 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 2030.jpg 40

W DoubleSword 2035.jpg 40

Storm 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 2040.jpg 50
Vortex 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 2045.jpg 50

Blaze 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 2050.jpg 55

Thunder 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 3050.jpg 55

Fissure 2hsword.JPG
W DoubleSword 3055.jpg 60

Gust 2hsword.JPG
Frost 2h.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Frostwind 2hsword.JPG
Bb-2hsword.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Brutalblaze 2hsword.JPG
Thunder-2hswordicon.png 65

Thunderbolt 2hsword.JPG
Tbfinfinitegswordicon.png 25 - 85

(Giant Sword of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Earth2handswordicon.jpg 65

(Earth Dividing Giant Sword)
W INS03 GiantSword Boss.jpg
Rh-gs.JPG 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 GiantSword RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-2hsword.gif 68/58

(Destructive Claymore)
R02 2hSword.jpg
Skydivider.jpg 70

(Sky Divider)
W R03 GiantSword Doom.jpg
Hell-2hsword.jpg 69/71

(Hell Giant Sword)
Weri 2hsword.JPG
W R05 DoubleSword.jpg 72

(Giant Sword of Control)
R05 2hSword.jpg
W R06 DoubleSword Tylant.jpg 75

(Giant Sword of Soul Reposing)
R06 2hSword.jpg
Cursedgiantsword ico.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Giant Sword)
Cursed 2hsword.jpg
Lvl85-2h-sword-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Giant Sword)
W R09 Greatsword.jpg
Trinity-2h-sword-sym.png 85

(Asutar / Trinity Giant Sword)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Axe Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Axe of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Axe.jpg
W Axe 1010.jpg 1

W Axe 1015.jpg 5

W Axe 1020.jpg 5

Gandharva-1h-axeicon.png 16/25

Ghand Axe.jpg
W Axe 1025.jpg 25

W Axe 1030.jpg 25

W Axe 2030.jpg 40

W Axe 2035.jpg 40

W Axe 2040.jpg 50
W Axe 2045.jpg 50

W Axe 2050.jpg 55

W Axe 3050.jpg 55

W Axe 3055.jpg 60

Fw-axe.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Fw 1haxe.JPG
Bb-axe.gif 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Bb 1haxe.JPG
W Axe 3070.jpg 65

Thunderbolt axe.JPG
Infiniteaxe logo.jpg 25 - 85

(Axe of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Axeendlesgashes.jpg 65

(Axe of Endless Gashes)
W INS03 Axe Boss.jpg
Ruinhorn-1h-axeicon.png 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Axe RuinHorn.jpg
Axeoftrenchcreationicon.jpg 68

(Axe of Trench Creation)
W R02 Axe Biskra.jpg
Deadly Wound Icon.JPG 70

(Destructive Wound)
W R03 Axe Doom.jpg
SummonOfBlood logo.jpg 71

(Summon of Blood)
W R04 Axe Wir.jpg
W R05 Axe.jpg 72

(Axe of Control)
R05 Axe.jpg
W R06 Axe Tylant.jpg 75

(Axe of Soul Reposing)
R06 Axe.jpg
Lvl79-1haxe-cursed-sym.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Axe)
Cursed axe.jpg
Lvl85-1h-axe-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Axe)
W R09 Axe.jpg
Jalrandhara-1h-axe-sym.png 85

(Jalrandhara / Trinity Axe)

Great Axe

Icon Name Image
W R07 DoubleAxe Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Giant Axe of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 2hAxe.jpg
W DoubleAxe 1010.jpg 1

W DoubleAxe 1015.jpg 5

W DoubleAxe 1020.jpg 5

Gandharva-2h-axe-s2-sym.png 16/25

Ghand GiantAxe.jpg
W DoubleAxe 1025.jpg 25

W DoubleAxe 1030.jpg 25

W DoubleAxe 2030.jpg 40

W DoubleAxe 2035.jpg 40

Storm 2haxe.JPG
W DoubleAxe 2040.jpg 50
W DoubleAxe 2045.jpg 50

W DoubleAxe 2050.jpg 55

W DoubleAxe 3050.jpg 55

W DoubleAxe 3055.jpg 60

Frost 2ha.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-2haxe.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
[[image:]] 65

Thunderbolt 2haxe.JPG
Axe68.jpg 65/66

(Bloody Axe)
W INS03 GiantAxe Boss.jpg
[[image:]] 25 - 85

(Giant Axe of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Ruinhorngaxeicon.png 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 GiantAxe RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-2haxe.gif 68/58

(Death of the Sea God)
R02 2hAxe.jpg
Axe69.jpg 69/70

(Golden Axe)
R03 2hAxe.jpg
Devil-2haxe.jpg 69/71

(Devil Hunter)
Weri 2haxe.JPG
W R05 DoubleAxe.jpg 72

(Giant Axe of Control)
R05 2hAxe.jpg
W R06 DoubleAxe Tylant.jpg 75

(Giant Axe of Soul Reposing)
R06 2hAxe.jpg
Lvl79-2h-axe-sym.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Giant Axe)
Cursed 2haxe.jpg
Imperfect-2h-axe-sym.PNG 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Giant Axe)
W R09 Greataxe.jpg
Jalrandhara-2h-axe-sym.png 85

(Jalrandhara / Trinity Giant Axe)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Mace Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Bludgeon of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Bludg.jpg
W Mace 1010.jpg 1

W Mace 1015.jpg 5

W Mace 1020.jpg 5

Acer bludg.JPG
Gandharvablunewicon.jpg 16/25

Ghand Bludgeon.jpg
W Mace 1025.jpg 25

W Mace 1030.jpg 25

Accel bludg.JPG
W Mace 2030.jpg 40

Ferus bludg.JPG
W Mace 2035.jpg 40

W Mace 2040.jpg 50
W Mace 2045.jpg 50

W Mace 2050.jpg 55

W Mace 3050.jpg 55

W Mace 3055.jpg 60

Fw-bludgeon.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Frostwind bludg.JPG
Bb-bludg.gif 65

(Brutal Blaze)
[[image:]] 65

Thunderbolt bludg.JPG
[[image:]] 25 - 85

(Bludgeon of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Hohj.jpg 65/66

(Hammer of Holy Judgment)
Hammer of Holy Judgment.JPG
Rhbludgeon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Bludg RuinHorn.jpg
Biskrablud logo.jpg 68

(Bludgeon of Hard Rainstorms)
W R02 Bludg Biskra.jpg
Pion's Bliss icon.jpg 69/70

(Pion's Bliss)
R03 Bludg.jpg
Karmablu.jpg 69/71

(Decision of Karma)
W R04 Bludg Wir.jpg
W R05 Mace.jpg 72

(Bludgeon of Control)
R05 Bludg.jpg
W R06 Mace Tylant.jpg 75

(Bludgeon of Soul Reposing)
R06 Bludg.jpg
Cursedbludicon.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Bludgeon)
Cursed bludg.jpg
OmiBluicon.jpg 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Bludgeon)
W R09 Bludg.jpg
Asutar-1h-bludger-sym.png 85

(Asutar / Trinity Bludgeon)

Giant Bludgeon

Icon Name Image
W R07 DoubleMace Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Giant Bludgeon of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 2hBludg.jpg
W DoubleMace 1010.jpg 1

W DoubleMace 1015.jpg 5

W DoubleMace 1020.jpg 5

GandharvaS2gbludgeonicon.png 16/25

Ghand GiantBludgeon.jpg
W DoubleMace 1025.jpg 25

W DoubleMace 1030.jpg 25

W DoubleMace 2030.jpg 40

W DoubleMace 2035.jpg 40

W DoubleMace 2040.jpg 50
W DoubleMace 2045.jpg 50

W DoubleMace 2050.jpg 55

W DoubleMace 3050.jpg 55

W DoubleMace 3055.jpg 60

Frost bludg.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-2hbludg.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Thunderboltbludgeon.jpg 65

Thunderbolt 2hbludg.JPG
Tbfinfinitegbludgeonicon.png 25 - 85

(Giant Bludgeon of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Earthquakes.jpg 65

(Giant Bludgeon of EarthQuakes)
W INS03 GiantBludg Boss.jpg
Twisted Giant Blunewicon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 GiantBludg RuinHorn.jpg
Biskra 2hblud logo.jpg 68

(Giant Bludgeon of Swirling Storms)
W R02 GiantBludg Biskra.jpg
70blud.jpg 70

(Calamity Bringer)
W R03 GiantBludg Doom.jpg
Lw 2hblud logo.jpg 71

(Death Fate)
W R04 GiantBludg Wir.jpg
W R05 DoubleMace.jpg 72

(Giant Bludgeon of Control)
R05 2hBludg.jpg
W R06 DoubleMace Tylant.jpg 75

(Giant Bludgeon of Soul Reposing)
R06 2hBludg.jpg
Cursed-2h-bludgeon-sym.PNG 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Giant Bludgeon)
Cursed 2hbludg.jpg
Lvl85-2hblud-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Giant Bludgeon)
W R09 Greatbludg.jpg
Asutar-2h-blud-sym.png 85

(Asutar / Trinity Giant Bludgeon)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Staff Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Staff of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Staff.jpg
W Staff 1010.jpg 1

W Staff 1015.jpg 5

W Staff 1020.jpg 5

Gandharvastafficon.png 16/25

Ghand Staff.jpg
W Staff 1025.jpg 25

W Staff 1030.jpg 25

W Staff 2030.jpg 40

W Staff 2035.jpg 40

W Staff 2040.jpg 50
W Staff 2045.jpg 50

W Staff 2050.jpg 55

W Staff 3050.jpg 55

W Staff 3055.jpg 60

Frostwind Staff.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-staff.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
W Staff 3070.jpg 65

Tbfinfinitestafficon.png 25 - 85

(Staff of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Ms staff.jpg 65/66

(Magic Swallower)
W INS03 Staff Boss.jpg
Twisted staffnewicon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Staff RuinHorn.jpg
Bis-staff.gif 68/58

(5 Colored Staff)
R02 Staff.jpg
Ruan'scom.jpg 69/70

(Ruan's Competence)
R03 Staff.jpg
Lord-staff.jpg 69/71

(Root of Hell Tree)
W R04 Staff Wir.jpg
W R05 Staff.jpg 72

(Staff of Control)
R05 Staff.jpg
W R06 Staff Tylant.jpg 75

(Staff of Soul Reposing)
R06 Staff.jpg
Cursedstaff ico.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Staff)
Cursed staff.jpg
Lvl85-staff-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Staff)
W R09 Staff.jpg
Kumbhaka-staff-sym.png 85

(Kumbhaka / Trinity Staff)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Launcher Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Launcher of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Launcher.jpg
Launcher10.jpg 1

Launcher 15.jpg 5

Launcher 16.jpg 16/25

Ghand Launcher.jpg
Launcher 25.jpg 25

Keen Launcher.JPG
Launcher 30.jpg 25

Accel launcher.JPG
Launcher 30b.jpg 40

Ferus launcher.JPG
Launcher 35.jpg 40

Launcher 40.jpg 50
Vortex launcher.JPG
Launcher 45.jpg 50

Blaze launcher.JPG
Launcher 50b.jpg 55

Launcher 50a.jpg 55

Fissure launcher.JPG
Launcher gusts.jpg 60

Gust launcher.JPG
Launcher 60a.jpg 60

(Frost Wind)
Frostwind launcher.JPG
Launcher 65.jpg 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Brutalblaze launcher.JPG
[[image:]] 65

Thunderbolt launcher.JPG
Tbfinfinitelaunchericon.png 25 - 85

(Launcher of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Future destroyer.jpg 65/66

(Future Destroyer)
Future destroyer.JPG
Launcher 50a.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Launcher RuinHorn.jpg
Launcher 60a.jpg 68

(Roaring Sound)
W R02 Launcher Biskra.jpg
Dclaunchers2.jpg 70

(Scream of Doomsday)
W R03 Launcher Doom.jpg
Kissofdeath.jpg 71

(Kiss of Death)
W R04 Launcher Wir.jpg
W R05 Launcher.jpg 72

(Launcher of Control)
R05 Launcher.jpg
W R06 Launcher Tylant.jpg 75

(Launcher of Soul Reposing)
R06 Launcher.jpg
LAUNCHER79.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Launcher)
Lvl85-launcher-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Launcher)
W R09 Launcher.jpg
Kumbhaka-launcher-sym.png 85

(Kumbhaka / Trinity Launcher)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Knouckle Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Knuckles of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Knuckle.jpg
W Knouckle 1010.jpg 1

W Knouckle 1015.jpg 5

W Knouckle 1020.jpg 5

Gandharvas2knuckleicon.png 16/25

Ghand Knuckle.jpg
W Knouckle 1025.jpg 25

W Knouckle 1030.jpg 25

W Knouckle 2030.jpg 40

W Knouckle 2035.jpg 40

W Knouckle 2040.jpg 50
W Knouckle 2045.jpg 50

W Knouckle 2050.jpg 55

W Knouckle 3050.jpg 55

W Knouckle 3055.gif 60

Fw knuckle.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb knuckle.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Thunderboltknuckleicon.png 65

(Thunderbolt Knuckle)
Tbfinfiniteknuckleicon.png 25 - 85

(Knuckles of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Banquet knuckle65.jpg 65

(Banquet of Estatic Dreams)
W INS03 Knuckle Boss.jpg
Rhknuckleicon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Knuckle RuinHorn.jpg
KnucklesofITrealicon.jpg 68

(Knuckle of Intense Trembling)
W R02 Knuckle Biskra.jpg
Quirkoffateicon.jpg 70

(Quirk of Fate)
W R03 Knuckle Doom.jpg
W Knouckle 3065b.jpg 71

(Death Pain)
W R04 Knuckle Wir.jpg
W R05 Knouckle.jpg 72

(Knuckles of Control)
R05 Knuckle.jpg
Pvp knuckle.jpg 75

(Knuckle of Soul Reposing)
R06 Knuckle.jpg
Lvl79-knuckle-sym.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Knuckles)
Cursed knuckle.jpg
Lvl85-knuckle-sym.PNG 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Knuckles)
W R09 Knuckle.jpg
Kumbhaka-knuckle-sym.png 85

(Kumbhaka / Trinity Knuckles)


Icon Name Image
W R07 Wand Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Crossbow of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Wand.jpg
W Wand 1010.jpg 1

W Wand 1015.jpg 5

W Wand 1020.jpg 5

Gandharva Wand.png 16/25

Ghand Wand.jpg
W Wand 1025.jpg 25

W Wand 1030.jpg 25

W Wand 2030.jpg 40

W Wand 2035.jpg 40

W Wand 2040.jpg 50
W Wand 2045.jpg 50

W Wand 2050.jpg 55

W Wand 3050.jpg 55

W Wand 3055.jpg 60

Frost wind wand.jpg 60

(Frost Wind)
Brutal blaze wand.jpg 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Thunder wand.PNG 65

Tbfinfinitewandicon.jpg 25 - 85

(Wand of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Wand68.jpg 65/66

(Moonlight Magic Wand)
W INS03 Wand Boss.jpg
RhTwistedWand.png 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Wand RuinHorn.jpg
Biskrawand logo.jpg 68

(Wand of Bright Oceans)
W R02 Wand Biskra.jpg
Wand69.jpg 69/70

(Xenovia's Symbol)
R03 Wand.jpg
Eternal Wisdom Wand.png 71

(Eternal Wisdom)
W R04 Wand Wir.jpg
W R05 Wand.jpg 72

(Wand of Control)
R05 Wand.jpg
W R06 Wand Tylant.jpg 75

(Wand of Soul Reposing)
R06 Wand.jpg
Deadman'shandwand.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Wand)
Cursed wand.jpg
Ominous-hell-iron-wand-sym.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Wand)
W R09 Wand.jpg
Asutar-wand-sym.png 85

(Asutar / Trinity Wand)


Icon Name Image
W R07 LargeShield Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Shield of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Shield.jpg
W LargeShield 1010.jpg 1

W LargeShield 1015.jpg 5

W LargeShield 1020.jpg 5

Acer shield.JPG
Ganharvashld.jpg 16

Ghand Shield.jpg
W LargeShield 1025.jpg 25

W LargeShield 1030.jpg 25

W LargeShield 2030.jpg 40

W LargeShield 2035.jpg 40

W LargeShield 2040.jpg 40
W LargeShield 2045.jpg 50

Blaze shield.JPG
W LargeShield 2050.jpg 55

W LargeShield 3050.jpg 55

W LargeShield 3055.gif 60

Fw-shield.JPG 60

(Frost Wind)
BBShield.jpg 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Thunderbolt Shield.jpg 65

Thunderbolt shield.JPG
Tbfinfiniteshieldicon.png 25 - 85

(Shield of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Roundelroot.jpg 65/66

(Roundelroot Egis)
Roundel Aegis.JPG
Twisted Shield2icon.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 Shield RuinHorn.jpg
W-LargeShield5700.jpg 68/58

(Kraken's Panoply)
R02 Shield.jpg
Doom Cheras Heart Icon.jpg 69/70

(The Last Judgement)
R03 Shield.jpg
LW shield.jpg 71

(Longhorn's Pride)
W R04 Shield Wir.jpg
W R05 LargeShield.jpg 72

(Shield of Control)
R05 Shield.jpg
W R06 LargeShield Tylant.jpg 75

(Shield of Soul Reposing)
R06 Shield.jpg
Cursedtankshield ico.jpg 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Shield)
Cursed shield.jpg
Omishieldimpicon.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Shield)
W R09 Shield.jpg
Jalrandhara-shield-sym.png 85

(Jalrandhara / Trinity Shield)

Magic Shield

Icon Name Image
W R07 SmallShield Robo.jpg

(Ultimate Crossbow of Infinite)
Theme Battlefield (Strongest)
R07 Mshield.jpg
W SmallShield 1010.jpg 1

W SmallShield 1015.jpg 5

W SmallShield 1020.jpg 5

GandharvaMSicon.jpg 16/25

Ghand MShield.jpg
W SmallShield 1025.jpg 25

W SmallShield 1030.jpg 25

W SmallShield 2030.jpg 40

W SmallShield 2035.jpg 40

W SmallShield 2040.jpg 50
W SmallShield 2045.jpg 50

W SmallShield 2050.jpg 55

W SmallShield 3050.jpg 55

W SmallShield 3055.jpg 60

Fwms.gif 60

(Frost Wind)
Bb-mshield.JPG 65

(Brutal Blaze)
Thunderbolt Magic Shield.png 65

Thunderbolt Mshield.JPG
Tbfinfinitemshieldicon.jpg 25 - 85

(Magic Shield of the Infinite)
<PvP reward>
Gof.jpg 65/66

(Guardian of Fairy)
Protection of Fairy.JPG
67magicshield logo.jpg 67/50

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)
W R01 MShield RuinHorn.jpg
68magicshield logo.jpg 68

(Glassy Eye of The Ocean)
W R02 MShield Biskra.jpg
Doom Cheras Heart Icon.jpg 70

(Doom Cheras Heart)
W R03 MShield Doom.jpg
71magicshield logo.jpg 71

(Wise Choice)
W R04 MShield Wir.jpg
W R05 SmallShield.jpg 72

(Magic Shield of Control)
R05 Mshield.jpg
W R06 SmallShield Tylant.jpg 75

(Magic Shield of Soul Reposing)
R06 Mshield.jpg
DeadMan'sMSicon.png 79

(Cursed / Uncursed Dead Man's Magic Shield)
Cursed mshield.jpg
Omimagicshieldicon.png 85

(Imperfect / Ominous Hell Iron Magic Shield)
W R09 Mshield.jpg
Kumbhaka-magicshield-sym.png 85

(??) / (Kumbhaka / Trinity Magic Shield)



Icon Name Image
W Dirk 1010.jpg 10

Dull dirk.JPG
W Dirk 1015.jpg 15

Fides dirk.JPG
W Dirk 1020.jpg 20

Acer dirk.JPG
W Dirk 1025.jpg 25

Keen dirk.JPG
W Dirk 1030.jpg 30

Accel dirk.JPG
W Dirk 2030.jpg 30

Ferus dirk.JPG
W Dirk 2035.jpg 35

Storm dirk.JPG
W Dirk 2040.jpg 40
Vortex dirk.JPG
W Dirk 2045.jpg 45

Blaze dirk.JPG
W Dirk 2050.jpg 50

Thunder dirk.JPG
W Dirk 3050.jpg 50

Fissure dirk.JPG
W Dirk 3055.jpg 55

Gust dirk.JPG

(Frost Wind)
Fw dirk.JPG

(Brutal Blaze)
Bb dirk.JPG

Tb dirk.JPG

(Infinity VI)
PvP reward>
R07 Dirk.jpg

(Instance Dirk)

(Ruinhorn's Twisted)

(Biskra Dirk)

(Doom Dirk)

(LW Dirk)

(Dirk of Control)
R05 Dirk.jpg

(Dirk of Soul Reposing)
R06 Dirk.jpg

(Cursed/Uncursed Dead Man's Dirk)
Cursed dirk.jpg

(Ominous Hell Iron Dirk)
W R09 Dirk.jpg

(Trinity Dirk)

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