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Hi guys, im willing to help with this wiki. My ingame name is XLeviathonX and i dont mind writing a fair deal of backstory etc. --XleviathanX 09:17, 23 May 2008 (MDT)

My little Review of Open Beta version

The character graphics are better then Lord of the Rings online, Guild Wars and certain as World of Warcraft (only AoC could beats the graphics of Requiem till now) and they're still updating the enviroment to make it more living. They intoduced new inviroments like snow storm and a frequent dynamic day/night system for more variation. When you start playing the game you need to get used to the graphics, but when you play for a longer time and explore new content(after around 3-4 hours), you will start liking them.

The game world is also increasing and is now around 2x the size world of warcraft (with BC expansion). The gameplay realy rocks and is very exciting. Also the 4th race will be added in korea this month and will be introduced a few weeks after this in the European version. The sound is fresh and has lots of diffrent themes, but it needs a bit more variation from time to time.

Its free and the Open Beta is current running. The 3rd server you could chose is a PK server but noone is playing there cause Player kill servers aren't that loved :P. The first server is realy busy at the other hand, but the community is very helpful and friendly so this isn't any problem.

At the official release this game will still be free and will not have a monthly fee to pay and will be at 19/06/2008 (the closed beta ends 12/06/2008).

The only few things that they realy have to improve is the quest text or add a location tracker like guild wars has, balance the servers more cause around 1x every 2 hours you are kicked of the server and add Anisotrophic, cause now you need to enable this in control panel and with it the game looks lots better (I tried it with 16x Anisotrophic and with off the only main thing is that you need at least the recommended system requirements to enable this, if you don't want to get a bad framerate).

Nots till now:

   * Gameplay: 7.4 (the graphics will be updated with the official version, cause in open beta only low graphics are available)
   * Graphics: 8.8
   * Sound: 7.8
   * Community:9.1 (everyone is very helpful and kind)

(tested on a 4200+, 2gb ddr800, 7900gtx 512mb).

Greetz Robertjanvaneijk1988 (talk) 10:27, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

To anybody who knows

...such as Robertjanvaneijk1988, who was a part of the Beta testing- there are Unimplemented Weapons in the Items page. Do you know if these are current future plans, or if they were plans canceled in the beta stage?

Hi i am STARscream from the nova server. Classes-skills this page got my attention.

I think the most weakest class among the 4 races between turan bartuk kruxena xenoa is the BARTUK(WARLORD)CLASS.and good thing i have a chance to add this topic and hoping that you guys there will grand us WL's and pls.update our skills. not just i'm saying this because my char is a WL but that is the truth and i observed it for all most 1year and 6months. in the TBF we WL's what just can we only do charge and rush to a group of hostiles and stun a single enemy for 1 seconds then halt a 9PPL for 16seconds if the WL is lvl 84.then a 6PPL stun them again w/a land tremor and silent those magic casters for 10seconds lvl 2 overbearing clamor and this WL will die in the middle of the WAR. becaues not all of his skills will go to success and some the enemy rases will not be affected by this land tremor this commander have this buff adamant mind resistant to Slow, Halt, Sleep, Fear, Stun. wow i am really jealous on this commander.In PVP warlord vs. Assassin this WL is no match against this sin his/her main weapon is Stealth sin is useless if he/she is unstealth but this sin has the complete tools of skills to kill anyone by his Brutal Scud Range 30.0 m lvl 10 Stun Duration 7 sec. wow he had a very long time to cast 2more skills to complete his assassination by his/her Soccer Kick lvl 10 will remove all 10 buffs.then Joint Strike or Blinding Attack can slow down an opponent for a long duration. but even he did not use this skills he can kill any one by his melee normal attacks by a buff Quick Attack Attack Speed -1.0 sec. see how? can you win over this. even a lvl 75 sin can kill a lvl 83 WL. bottom line is WARLORD is no match against all races.

Current News and Events section

I like to think this section gives some liveliness to this wiki, as long as it is updated I think it can be useful. I will do what I can to keep on top of it.

Thanks, Mobiusloop (talk) 01:05, 25 June 2013 (UTC)