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The skills available to each class can be found on their individual class pages. Please visit the Classes page and click on a class to see these lists.

Advanced jobs are also allowed to use their corresponding 1st Job skills. E.G. Advanced Job Mystic may also use the skills associated with the First Job Shaman.

See also: Historical Pages of Requiem Wiki for a listing of removed skills.

Skill Queue

A player may queue up to 3 separate skills for activation. The same skill cannot be entered into the queue more than once. Only skills which are not locked out from "skill downtime" can be queued. Once a skill has been queued, it's order in the queue cannot be changed.

Skills in the queue are represented by a flashing icon. To queue a skill for activation, simply press it's skill icon or the shortcut key you assign it to (by clicking and dragging the skill's icon from the skill panel into the quick slot bar at the bottom of the UI.)

Skill Use Phases

Skill use is divided into the following phases:

Skill Activated

Skill activation occurs when a skill in the queue reaches the top of the skill queue. The unmodified MP consumption and other costs are checked (but not yet subtracted) to see if the character meets the costs of the skill. This initial cost check does not take into account the effects of DNA or any other cost reduction modifiers. If the character cannot meet these costs the skill will not take effect.

All melee skills and some ranged and magic skills will also check for line of sight in this step. A failed line of sight check means the skill will not take effect.

Casting Time

Casting Time is represented by the player's HP bar changing from the character's name to the name of the skill. A golden line will flow from left to right on the bar and when the line reaches the end, the casting time is completed. An instant cast skill will not show this effect.

During casting time the character cannot attack or use other skills. Character movement during the casting time results in the cancelation of the skill (although a character can turn while casting.) Instant cast skills are not affected by movement; (can be cast while your character is moving.)

Autoattack Synchronization

This phase only applies to melee or ranged weapon skills. The next skill phase is delayed until the the next time the character would perform an autoattack. The skill then takes the place of the autoattack in the next phase.

Skill Effects Applied

Any skill that makes line of sight checks will again check for line of sight in this phase. A failed line of sight check means the skill will not take effect.

The skill MP consumption and other costs are reduced by any cost reducing effects, such as DNA, and the final cost is paid. The skill effects then take place.

Animation Delay

Some skills have an animation that continues after the skill's effects have already been applied. During this time, no other skills can be activated and the character cannot attack.

Skill Downtime

The skill is locked out from use for a duration equal to it's skill downtime. This is represented by the icon being greyed out and the time until the skill is ready for use being displayed on the skill icon.