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Prison Mine (S2)

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MapDun PrisonMine.jpg


Frezia Ion and Khrentium Ion (S2) armor can drop from any of the monsters in this dungeon.


  • Chaste Sanctum re-released as level 20~25 Dungeon
  • Bony Hook and Ghandarva moved from Prison Mine to Chaste Sanctum.
  • Bony Hook and Ghandarva drops increased. (Bony Hook - 5 Drops, Ghandarva - 3 Drops)

Bony Hook Armor, Bony Hook Jewelry, Hook Armor, and Hook Jewelry sets drop from the boss Bony Hook in this dungeon.
Gandharva Weapon dropped from last boss Gandharva.(e.g.: Gandharva Claw)

Entry Requirements

  • no entry´s

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