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PD Parness

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Parness Premium Dungeon.

Bold = Elite

Red Background = Aggressive

Note: Supernus Enchants could be obtained from any type of mobs here with low success chance. Ordinary, Supernus xeons and supernus compression xeons can be obtained too.

Ways to enter Premium Dungeons
  1. Premium Service members may enter freely with unlimited use.
  2. Free Account & Basic Service members may enter for only 10 minutes daily with a quest reward key.
Quest Sym.png Premium Dungeon Tour(Nova Lux)

Picture Name Level Boss Skills Captureable (Hunter)
Monster Crescent 11.gif Elite Monster (High HP) Mini Golem 30~31 No  ?  ?
Monster Crescent 12.gif Elite Monster (High HP) Stonemata 33~34 No  ?  ?
Monster Crescent 50.gif Elite Monster (High HP) Bloody Fist Golem 36~37 No -  ?
Elite Monster (High HP) Miner Specter 39~40 No -  ?
Monster Crescent 49.gif Elite Monster (High HP) Overseer Specter 42~43 No -  ?
Monster Crescent 50.gif Nightmare Monster (High Damage) Bloody Fist Golem 45 No -  ?

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