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There are two sets of monsters, neutral and aggressive.

  • Neutral monsters are monsters that do not attack unless the player attacks first.
  • Aggressive monsters attack if the players are within their proximity. Exceptions is if the player is 15 levels or higher than the monsters. Exceptions may be certain boss character that still attack on any level, need confirmation on this.

Another setup is where monsters attack in groups.

  • Trap monster are monsters that when attacked triggers a group of monsters to attack the player at the same time.
  • Retreat method is where the monster retreats to a location and triggers help to other similar monsters within the proximity. This method does not always yield other monsters to attack.

Types of monsters are as following.

  • Normal Monster Monsters, the normal easy to kill monsters.
  • Elite Monster (High HP) Elites, are monsters that are stronger and has more HP.
  • Cyclic, are normal/elite monsters that only appear at certain time of day or night.
  • Only Available: 23:00 - 02:00 Nightmare, are monsters that only appear at game time, 23:00 - 02:00. These monsters are harder to defeat.
  • Boss Monster (Medium Party/Alliance is needed) Boss, are tough monsters that when defeated, usually drops better items.
  • Raid Boss Monster (Large Alliance is needed) Raid Boss, are very tough monsters that usually require an alliance group to defeat it.

see also: Monster Appearance System

World Monsters

Theme Battle

Flamed Heart Monsters
Den of Arachnids Monsters
Dark Fortress Monsters

Turba (Level 1~25)

Normal Monsters
Nightmare Monsters
Chaste Sanctum Monsters
Temperion Training Camp
Prison Mine

Nightmare Crescent (Level 3~98)

Nightmare Monsters
Nightmare Crescent Dead Pit (79 - 95)

Parness (Level 21~50)

Normal Monsters
Nightmare Monsters
Ancient Temple Monsters (Level 39/40 → 55)
Ruins of Lament Monsters (Level 23 → 35)
Parness Premium Dungeon (Level 30~43)
Parness Treasure Dungeon

South Hammerine Wood (Level 48~62)

Normal Monsters
Nightmare Monsters
Secret Lab Monsters (Level 40 - 48 → 60ish)
Wrecked Ship Monsters (Level 66 - 68)
Giant Ammonite/Biskra (Level 78)
Ruinhorn's Lair/Ruinhorn (Level 77)
South Hammerine Wood Premium Dungeon (Level 45 - 54 → 45~58)
South Hammerine Wood Treasure Dungeon

North Hammerine Wood (Level 60~71)

Normal Monsters
Nightmare Monster
Dark Sanctum Monsters (Level 66 - 72)
Doom Cheras (Level 81)
North Hammerine Wood Premium Dungeon (Level 65 - 74 → 60~73)
North Hammerine Wood Treasure Dungeon

Numaren (Level 72~84)

Normal Monsters
Nightmare Monsters
Robina Mines Monsters (Level 66 - 68)
Sicarius Hideout (Dungeon at Witch's House) (Level 70 - 90)
Jacob Shrine Monsters (Level 74 - 85)
Numaren Premium Dungeon (Level 75 - 84 → 80~90)
Numaren Treasure Dungeon
Ellnir Monsters (Level 80 - 85)
Secret Temple (Level 80 - 85)
The Altar of Sacrifice (Level ??)
Numaren Premium Dungeon II (Level 87 - 97)
Numaren Treasure Dungeon II (Level 87, 97)
Titan Ruinhorn's Lair


Not Released Monsters

Season 1 Removed Monsters

Crescent (Level 1~25)

Removed Map
Normal Monsters - Removed from game
Nightmare Monsters - Removed from game
Removed Dungeons
Abandoned Mine Monsters (Level 20 - 25) - Removed from game
Chaste Sanctum Monsters (Level 13 - 23) - Removed from game
Crescent Dead Pit Monsters (Level 20 - 25) - Removed from game
Fridha Mine Monsters (Level 10 - 12) - Removed from game
Temperion Training Camp - Removed from game


Removed Dungeons
Prison Mine - Removed from game
Prisoner's Labor Camp - Removed from game