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Each character's strengths and abilities are measured by their level. A character's level begins at 1 and can increase to a maximum of 90 and 100% experience.

In order for a character's level to increase, they must earn Experience Points. Experience Points ("EXP") can be gained either through killing monsters, completing quests or fighting in Field of Contention/Theme Strongest Battle/Ion Mine/SvS. EXP can be lost through character death. The amount lost scales to level and is roughly equal to 5% at level 10 and 1.5% at level 60. The recent update has enabled players to delevel.

Basic accounts loose 30% less XP on death, and premium accounts loose 50% less XP on death. Using an AED from the item mall will reduce the exp lost by 70%, this stacks will Premium and Basic to greatly reduce the time needed to recover lost exp.

Each time a character gains a level, that character gains a single Skill Point which can be used to learn a new Skill or to develop a Skill already learned. Additional skill points are granted after Class Changes and upon achieving levels multiples of 10.

Each level gained also increases the base Stats of a character by a set amount dependant on the character's class choice. See Stats Growth.

Additionaly, a higher character level allows access to higher level equipment and quests (both of which are all character level restricted).

See also:

Advanced Class Choice

At level 50. You can then change your job by talking to a Temperion Master and change your Job.

An Advanced Class is a natural extension of a character's First Class choice. All First Class Stats, Skills, and spent or unspent Skill Points are retained. Additional skill choices become available in the "2nd Job" tab of the Skill Window. An additional 4 skill points are earned when a character chooses their Advanced Class.

The level cap is lvl 90