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Leveling Spots

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General "Quick Leveling" Information

The best way to lvl up are quests. Now with Nightmare Crescent, you can get a lot of exp with these there.

=== Level ==== Method ==================================Location


  1-24    Questing                               Turba: Temperion's Way (Main Quest)


  24-32    Quest/Cambarids/Koont(Warriors) (E)    Ruined Herek
  32-34    Quest/Shamba (E)                       East Ghara River
  32-34    Quest/Spera (NM)                       Red Stone Valley (easy as BM)
  34-36    Urba Slaughterer/Urba Warrior (E)      Surroundings of Ancient Temple entrance
  36-41    Goblin Warrior/Hunter/Healer(E)        South of Nova Lux, around Water Tower
  41-45    Elite Crusader(E)/AoE Urba             North & East of Ancient Temple/Rozen
  45-49    Putrid Cambarid/Matarian/Ghoul(E)      Wrecked Ship
  45-49    Shamba Acolyte (E)                     Black Tower / Wrecked Ship
  34-48    Crusading Soldier (Solo/Party-Grind)   Ancient Temple (Inside deeper part of dungeon) 

South Hammerine

  48-52    Forest Wild Boar/Machine Soldier(E)/
           Night Seducer (NM)                     Trifri plains (drop boar liver)/ Seawater Filtration Tower
  51-55    DeadSea Turtles (E)                    Southeast Sea of Death
  55-59    PigHead Urba (E)                       East of Hammerine Bivouac (drop Chewy Meat Lump)   
  60-61    PigHead Urbas (E)                      Land of Discarded Men (drop Chewy Meat Lump)
  ??-??    South Hammerine Premium-Dungeon
   ---     Quests                                 SL(55+) and WS(61+)-Quest gave a lot of Exp

North Hammerine

  62-65    Blackhands                             AoE party grinding
  62-66    Black Spiders                          Solo / AoE party
  62-70    WS (South Ham.)                        Party / Solo
  65-69    Volcano Robber/Mage                    Solo / AoE party grinding  
  67-71    Fire Saurus                            AoE party 
  64-72    North Hammerine Premium-Dungeon
   ---     Quests                                 RM-Quest,66er-Quest, DS-Quest gave a lot of Exp


  69-79    Jacob Shrine                           Party-Grind / Solo
  69-71    (Elder)- Colber -(Soldier)             Solo / Duo
  70+      Daily Quest                            Daily Quests
  70-73    Zugen                                  Solo (HP-drop)
  71-77    Executive Colbler/ Colbler Miner       Stone Pit , Solo / Duo or AoE Party
  71-77    Valley Zugen / Deadhound / Bieta       Ghost Tree , Solo / Duo or AoE Party
  75+      Daily Quest - JS                       Daily Quests
  75-79    Rotten Scale Naga / Lamia              Ikenea Plains , Solo / Duo or AoE Party
  72-79    Numaren Premium-Dungeon
  80+      Daily Quest - Numarem + Crescent       Daily Quests
  80-85    Numaren Premium-Dungeon, ST, ET        Duo or AoE Party
   ---     Quests                                 some Exp to reduce grinding time

Nightmare Crescent

  85+      Daily Quest - Crescent                 Daily Quests
   ---     Quests                                 All quest from Nightmare crescent gave a lot of Exp

Elite Monsters (E) - identified by the skull in the circle to the left of the monster's name.

  • They give more exp than the non-elites of the same level & have a higher item drop rate but are harder to kill.


* Ancient Temple Hints And Tips:

At level 36-38 it is recommended to begin farming for your level 40 armor set and the supernus basic xeons to upgrade it.

You achieve this by killing lvl 40-42 Crusader Soldiers in [Ancient Temple] and while the exp is not the greatest, it significantly pays off in terms of lant and quality of armor you can create.

There is one room in AT which provides the easiest and fastest killing method for exp and supernus drops.

* The Grinding Circle Room The following screenshots show you the square room in Ancient Temple which provides one of the better locations to farm. By running "laps" along the outside edges of the room, you can safely kill mobs with little danger and with an adequate spawn rate.

--Prodigy 07:38, 29 July 2008 (MDT)

This information is out of date as the goblins outside of Mercy Gate has not been replaced by Koont Scouts in Season 2 release.

A Bigger, Better way to level with Premium.

Follow the grinding list above until you reach level 36. At this time, kill Goblin Warriors outside of Mercy Gate until level 40. At 40, stop questing; simply save the quests for later (you'll see why in a minute. Instead, grind on Goblin Healers at Arnal Watertower, or do Wrecked Ship Parties (Not suggested to grind Wrecked Ship solo until at least 45. Your DPS simply won't be high enough before it to make it worthwhile), Secret Lab to farm your level 46 jewlery set, or AT for your Armor. Once you reach a comfortable level of 47 and 75% experiance, begin questing. If this is done with a scroll and with premium, one is able to easily quest all the way to 63/64.

--TygreNinja 11:18, 17 February 2009 (PCT)

If you start off with a level 1 character and use +30% EXP scrolls, with Premium, you can easily quest to level 64 with very minimal grinding. (You may have to grind two or three levels at the most.) (that was in S1 too, now there is more grind with Premium, +30% EXP scrolls and Pet, because Numaren is now a High LvL Map and the Quests are Higher too)

The quickest way to level up in the beginning is by grinding from level 1-30 ;

  • (Lv 1-23 at turba)
    • *note* Reinforce your lv 5 weapon to +30
  • (Lv 23-30 parness)
    • *note* Reinforce your Lv 25 weapon to +30
  • (Lv 30+ parness)
    • *note* Reinforce your Lv 40 weapon to +30
  • (Lv 50 SHW)
    • *note* Reinforce your Lv 50-55 weapon to +30

With Premium + Pet + Guild and 30-50% Scroll + 30er Event you can easily lvl from 1-79. You arrived in Trifi with lvl 53+, do WS-Quest with 62+, RM-Quest as filler, DS for lvl 69-70/71. Rest in Alban, at 77 you get 10+ new Quests and 78er gave nearly 100%. If you had some problems do ST and ET(maybe only some outside). The new Nightmare Crescent quests gave to you a lot of Exp. With these quests, you can up very easy.

Current tips for Free Player

New char lvl 1 no lant no gear no help?

Try to buy your full Strongest gear asap for FREE at the Strongest Theme Battle Field NPC (cant equip outside battle)

Do the very first quest (Temperion's Way) can lead you to level 20[1]

During that questing time, try to press Y to check if there's any Strongest Theme Battle Field is running.

If yes, join Individually, equip your Strongest Items, feed or kill to max Contribution, wait til the battle ends, choose EXP as reward.

At low levels, you may only join battles in the last 20-15 mins to get max Contribution before it ends.

You can also try to rejoin until you are in the winning team. (newbie won't be blamed)

At level 24, you should move to the next city (Nova Lux) to do some easy quests there.

It's much easier than those lvl 22+ quest in Turba.

Keep battling along with questing.

If your's a PvE char, try to grind in AT asap.

If your's a PvP char, keep joining Strongest TBF and FOC.

In FOC, it's easier to ask for help or items.

Ignore hard quests, do all the easy and conversation quests.

Don't forget to try doing quest in Nightmare Cresent.

1 conversation there can boost up your exp alot.

Lvl 50, move to Trifi, lvl 60, move to Plancy Lab.

I keep battling until lvl 65, then start to gear up and wait for exp Event to continue questinng.