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Classes ➢ Kruxena
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Kruxenas are endowed with both strong strength and spirit: they can use short and long range weapons, and can become skillful in magic. They are brutal and cold hearted since they are a race created for the purpose of destruction, and will even sacrifice their companions to accomplish their ends. Kruxenas have no qualms over mutilating their enemies, and tend to be antisocial.

Combat Style

Warrior classes use light, short range weapon to perform quick strikes, supplemented by DOT attacks. They can also use long range weapons in preemptive attacks. Magician classes use DOT magic to curse and poison enemies, but they are more vulnerable than the warrior classes.

Race Relations

Kruxenas were created by the ancient Natsu race to be humanoid weapons. They are unfriendly to all other races, except for Bartuks since they share some of the same genes. Their wickedness and contempt starkly contrast with the more compassionate Turans.

Kruxena Classes

Shadow RunnerAssassinRogueDefilerDominatorSoul HunterKruxenaClasses.gif
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See Temperion.

Possession Beast

The Possession Beast type, Giont Sym.png Giont, is exclusive to the Kruxena race.

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