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Just and update in Season 2 there is no longer reinforced weapons or armor, instead they can be reinforced to add levels to each piece, and what was referred to as reinforcing in season 1 is now enchanting(enhancing).



(Note: Some equipment offer additional bonus if the character is wearing multiple items of the same set. See the Equipment Sets page for that information)




Unimplemented Weapons

These weapons are not currently implemented in REQUIEM.

Internal Weapons List

Taken from the data files.

  • Claw - Both-Handed, Two Slots (2nd)
  • Knuckle - Both-Handed, Two Slots (2nd)
  • Scythe - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Double Sword - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Sword - Right-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Axe - Right-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Mace - Right-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Crossbow - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Launcher - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Dart - Two-Handed, One Slot (2nd)
  • Short Sword - Right-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Twin Sword - Both-Handed, Two Slots (1st)
  • Small Shield - Left-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Large Sheild (Shield) - Left-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Wand - Right-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Double Mace - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Double Axe - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Staff - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Spear - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)
  • Stick - Two-Handed, One Slot (1st)

Possession Beasts

Every race get his own Possession Beast and his own armor.



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