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Introduction to Requiem

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Requiem is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that puts you, the player, into a dark, violent and bloodstained world devastated by generations of scientific misuse and magic. Fight for your own survival against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land or band together with fellow survivors to fend off the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that awaken only at night to prey upon the weak. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of beast possession to viciously slay your enemies with destructive force. Requiem is set in a grim, persistent world combined with violent, blood-spattering action to provide gamers a refreshingly new and innovative approach to online game design.

Game Features

Nightmare Monsters

Even the most experienced of players will cringe when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The bloodthirsty Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will ravage even the strongest of parties if not well prepared for battle.

  • There are mini bosses in Nightmare Crescent at different spots and with different difficulties.

Weapon Enhancements

With several different item enhancement systems, players can create new items or upgrade and customize existing ones to best suit their needs.

Beast Possession System

Unleash the incredible power of the beast within by transforming your character into a ferocious creature. Level-up your Possesion Beast to equip it with an even deadlier selection of various skills and abilities needed to survive.


Prepare to battle your foes on an enormous scale. Requiem features battlefields, where only the victorious are rewarded with special items used for obtaining the rarest of weapons and armor!

DNA System

Boost your character's strengths and minimize their weaknesses by reorganizing their DNA as you see fit. Having full control over their evolution leads to a wide variety of character builds sharing the same class and race.
Now: Extra DNA can be bought from the Item Mall 5 DNA at a time up to a maximum of 55 points, 5 Points coming from a special DNA quest for the value of 5 DNA points (DNA-Quest starts at lvl. 11 and ends with lvl. 75!).

Honor Points

Honor Points can be obtained through 2 ways, Killing raid bosses and participating in battlefield. Battlefield honor points are now based on contribution.

Group Zones

Jump over obstacles, collect items and more needed to pass through locked areas as you venture in a group to discover what terror lies before you. These areas are designed especially for groups of players to experience an intense series of battles with high rewards.


The original eight races left no historical records of the Ancient Era, and the only clues of the past are the relics and pictures found in the Ruins outside of Ethergia. Only four of these eight races still reside in the world of Requiem.

The Ancient Era was a time of tenable peace with only minor conflicts between the eight races as alliances, rivalries, and enmities periodically shifted. This period of coexistence ended when the Nachs, creatures of the night sure of their racial superiority, waged war to conquer the humanoid races. The Nachs allied with the Ohrg, Khuns, and the demi-human Bartuks against the humanoid Turans and Xenoas. As the Turans and Xenoas struggled to defend themselves against the Nachs Alliance, the Eonay race remained neutral and avoided the conflict, choosing to invest their time and energy in developing their science.

The first major shift in power during the war between the races occurred when the demi-human Bartuks suddenly betrayed the Nachs and joined the Turans and Xenoas. The loss of a major ally prompted the Nachs to create the Kruxena race, a hybrid developed from the Nachs and the few Bartuks that were loyal to them, as brutal killing machines to bolster their diminishing ranks.

Meanwhile, the neutral Eonay race attained incredible power by mastering Mana manipulation with their newly developed technologies.

The Natsu race was ultimately defeated by a critical mistake: they unintentionally trapped themselves in a dimensional gap when one of them touched the Noxxion, the source of the Luahn Mana that they used as power. The Kruxena, Ohrg, and Khun were swiftly and easily defeated by the Turans and Bartuks without the strength and leadership the Nachs had provided. The war ended, the Kruxenas were scattered around the world, and the Turan and Bartuk races made peace. In the following years, the Eonay race achieved the pinnacle of their prosperity by using their advanced science in Exekion, and decided to leave their home dimension to explore the unknown universe. Unfortunately, they left some remnants of their research and science behind...

The Xenoa, Turan, and Bartuk races united to form the Holy Xenon Empire in the Medieval Era. During this time, the Xenoa discovered what was left of the Eonay race's science, and used their technology to usurp total control of the Holy Xenon Empire, subjugate the Turans and Bartuks, and force all of their subjects to convert to their religion and serve their god. This violation of basic freedom caused great dissent amongst the Xenoa ruling class. Political factions formed, and there were heated, frequent debates between the Liberal Party, which fought to protect the rights of Turans and Bartuks, and the tyrannical Radical Party.

The Radical Party of the Holy Xenon Empire assumed absolute government control and declared all science as a form of paganism, and thus illegal. This horrific time in Ethergia's history is known as the Dark Age. The laws prohibiting the use of the technology and magic of the Eonay and Nachs races were enforced to prevent the Turans and Bartuks from gaining the power to overthrow their Xenoa masters. The ruling Xenoas escalated their abuse and exploitation of the Turan and Bartuk races, and when the Turans and Bartuks rebelled against their oppression, the Xenoas retaliated with a public massacre of Bartuk children. This event, now known as Bloody Tuesday, triggered the Marze War in which the Turans and Bartuks fought together against the Xenoas for their independence.

The Kruxena race, which had been living in small, isolated communities, eventually joined the fight against the Xenoas. Although most Kruxenas are typically described as cold natured and cruel, they rationalized that they are genetic relatives of the Bartuk race: a slight to the Bartuks could be construed as an insult to the Kruxenas. The Turan, Bartuk, and Kruxena Alliance proved to be powerful enough for the Xenoas to desperately resort to executing the Thanatos Project, which involved combining the Luahn Mana power of the Nachs race with the science of the Eonays. This reckless gamble caused a massive explosion that tore the continent of Ethergia apart.

The Thanatos tragedy is the first event recorded in the Modern Age: the explosion scattered all of the races, and it took many years for them to recover, and rebuild viable societies. The vast destruction undid centuries of progress, and reverted the standard of living for everyone that survived. The world's ecosystem suffered tremendous damage from the fallout caused by the Thanatos tragedy, and much of the world's wildlife was mutated into horrendous monsters.

A new form of the Holy Xenon Empire arose in Ethergia, but its leaders decided not to follow the dictatorial rule of their predecessors. The government of this new City-State is closely tied to the Xenon religion and led by the High Priest of the Xenon Order, a former leader of the Holy Xenon Empire Liberal Party that had opposed the regime ruled by the Radical Party. Under the High Priest's leadership, the Xenon Order is working to re-establish itself as a major world religion and address the wrongs that the original Holy Xenon Empire committed in the past.

The world enjoyed a period of rapid modernization with the onset of the Prosperous Era, marked by the appearance of the Ioxenic Organization and the Guildenstein Merchant Guild. The Ioxenic Organization was first sighted in Rozen City, where they supplied the city with a power station that would use Ion energy based on the dark science that the Eonay race had left behind long ago.

Ion energy proved to be instrumental in industrialization, and soon became the main source of power in Ethergia. Ioxenic became a household name as they implemented new technologies to help the people, and are accredited with beginning the Prosperous Era. The Guildenstein Merchant Guild introduced wide scale trade between the continents of Ethergia, effectively re-connecting the broken fragments of the world through commerce and bolstering the world economy.

The greatest menace that the races of Ethergia will face is now upon them, and future generations will know these days as the Chaotic Era. Mutant monsters continue to roam the countryside, their hordes moving closer and closer to inhabited villages and cities. Stronger, more violent Dark Creatures have begun to appear mysteriously in the night. Ioxenic has stepped forward to bring hope to the Ethergians with a surprising announcement: they will dispatch troops of finalized versions of their latest project, the enhanced humanoids they call Temperions, to protect Ethergia and defeat the growing monster threat!

Most of the world is unsure of Ioxenic's motives and ultimate goals, but any of the public's doubts or suspicion of Ioxenic are quelled by Ioxenic's grand acts of altruism and technological contributions. Few people know that Ioxenic began their research to develop the Temperion prototype, code name Naothes (traveler, adventurer), to secretly continue what was started in the Thanatos Project. One of the Temperions' main directives is to find old relics left behind by the Ohrg and Khun races: Ioxenic is aware that these past artifacts will help them uncover lost science and magic that will enable their organization to attain incredible power. Ilkes, one of Ioxenic's most brilliant researchers, happened to learn Ioxenic's true agenda and escaped with a group of completed Temperions to form Fenrir Canine, a group dedicated to revealing Ioxenic's corruption and thwarting their plans.

The public may see Ioxenic as saviors of the world, but what are their true intentions? What secrets could be so horrible to cause Ilkes to defect and form Fenrir Canine to oppose them? The grand fight for survival in a world plagued by darkness has just begun...