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Honor System

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Historical.png This page is currently inactive and is being retained for historical reference. All information on this page should be considered as outdated. Please refrain from updating. To revive discussion on this page, please see RWT:CP.


Requiem: Momento Mori introduced the honor system in 2013 to give players a more unique and interesting gaming experience. Not only did it provide players with new changeable skills which can be customized amongst all toons on that particular account, it also increased player activity. This is a guide to learning the basics of the honor system and utilizing this feature. This Honor System has been removed with the maintenance of 1st July 2016 and replaced with the Alternate Advancement System.


Sometimes it can be confusing when Requiem mixes the terms honor points and honor grade around. This guide will try to keep wording consistent.

  • Honor Point: points that are accumulated just like experience to achieve the next honor grade.
  • Honor Grade: current level that is achieved. The higher the honor grade, the more honor points it takes to level up. Each honor grade is equivalent to 1 skill point for an honor skill.
  • Honor Skill: A special skill that can be learned.

Honor Window

One can view current honor points and progress through the character screen by either pressing the "C" or the character button on the right. Click on the sociability tab and it will be displayed on the bottom under the PK display. Just like the exp bar, the honor bar shows progress in percentage. Underneath the progress bar is a button called "Learn Honor Skill". When the "Learn Honor Skill" button is pressed, another window will appear revealing all the honor skills. This window will show the toon's honor grade points available out of the total honor grade achieved on the top left of the window. The middle of the honor skill window contains all the honor skills. These skills have four categories; offensive, defensive, stats, and ETC. On the bottom, there are two buttons called "Initialization" and "Save". Initialization button will reset the skills without the need of malls or special items and return back all honor grade points. Save button will set your honor skills.

Obtaining Honor Points

Honor points can be obtained through 2 ways, Killing raid bosses and participating in battlefield. Battlefield honor points are now based on contribution.

  • Lower level raid bosses do not provide honor points.
  • Free battle battlefields do not provide honor points.
Honor Source Honor Points
RH 10
Biskra 20
DC 40
LW 60
Destroyer Butler 100
Plugger 100
Robo Guard 100
Scarecrow 110
Jebler 120
Jacob 130
Wheelghost 140
Erunil 1st Form 150
Tyrant 150
Erunil 2nd Form 160
Kumbhaka 180
Zalandhara 180
Aster 200
Voxyon 200
  • Information provided by VolunteerMod06 on WarpPortal forum [1]

Honor points are account shared. This means all toons earn and receive the exact same amount.


Some skills require prerequisites in order to learn that particular honor skill. This can be expressed through total honor grade points available for use and total obtained. All skills will require increased prerequisites when reaching higher levels in honor skills.

  • X = Number of Honor Skill Level
  • +0.1% does not equal +10%.


Skill Honor Grade Requirement Total Honor Grade Requirement Effect
Increase Physical Damage X X +1 Physical Damage
Increase Physical Critical Chance X X +0.4% Physical Critical Chance
Increase Physical Critical Additional Damage X X +1 Physical Critical Additional Damage
Increase Accuracy X X +10 Accuracy
Increase Magic Attack X X +1 Magic Attack
Increase Skill Critical Chance X X +0.4% Skill Critical Chance
Increase Skill Critical Additional Damage X X +1 Skill Critical Additional Damage


Skill Honor Grade Requirement Total Honor Grade Requirement Effect
Increase Melee Defense X X +10 Melee Defense
Increase Range Defense X X +10 Range Defense
Increase Block Rate X X +0.4% Block Rate
Increase Block Defense X X +1 Block Defense
Increase Evasion X X +10 Evasion
Increase Resistance (Water, Lightning, Wind) X X +0.4% Resistance (Water, Lightning, Wind)
Increase Resistance (Fire, Curse, Holy) X X +0.4% Resistance (Fire, Curse, Holy)


Skill Honor Grade Requirement Total Honor Grade Requirement Effect
Increase Strength X X +1 Strength
Increase Dexterity X X +1 Dexterity
Increase Constitution X X +1 Constitution
Increase Intelligence X X +1 Intelligence
Increase Mind X X +1 Mind
Increase HP/MP X 60 +30 Max HP/MP
Increase HP/MP Recovery X X +30 HP/MP Recovery


Skill Honor Grade Requirement Total Honor Grade Requirement Effect
Reduction of EXP Death Penalty X X +0.5% EXP Death Penalty Reduction
Increase HP/MP Regen X X +0.2% HP/MP Regen
Increase All Stats X X +1 All Stats
Increase EXP Gain X 60 +0.3% EXP Gain
Increase HP/MP X 60 +0.2% Max HP/MP
Increase Amount of Looted Lant X 60 +0.3% Looted Lant
Increase Item Drop Rate X 60 +0.3% Drop Rate


Most honor skills seem pretty useless at their lower level forms. The best skills for new players who are focusing on PvE or just a low level might want to learn Increase HP/MP Recovery or Increase All Stats as they have the biggest impact.

Saving Skill Changes Issue

Upon clicking "Save", the Honor Skill UI may not save whatever skill changes were made.

To remedy this issue:

  1. Click "Initialization"
  2. Click "Save"
  3. Proceed to make any desired skill changes
  4. Click "Save" once more.


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