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Game terminology

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Here is a list of terms people use during chats and what they mean: NOTE: There are a few acronyms that have a duplicate meaning.


  1. PD = Premium Dungeon made for collecting Xeons and hunting Event Golems.
  2. TD = Treasure Dungeon made for collecting daily special buffs and lots of goodies.
  3. AH = Auction House, this is where you can buy and sell just about anything.
  4. bb or BB = Bye Bye.
  5. CS = Cash Shop, the item mall where you pay cash for points that you use to buy items.
  6. gg or GG = Good Game, as in the battle was close and fun.
  7. gl or GL = Good Luck.
  8. Grind = Basically killing the same mobs over and over or killing mobs in general, over and over.
  9. k = As in 1,000. Example say 1k for 1 thousand.
  10. kk = As in 1,000,000. Example say 1kk for 1 million.
  11. IM = Item Mall, same as CS.
  12. Mob = Monster, you know the things you run around killing.
  13. NM = Nightmare mobs.
  14. Lant = money, the in game currency.
  15. LF = Looking for, usu ally to call some class.
  16. LFG = Looking for guild.
  17. LFM = Looking for more.
  18. LFP = Looking for party, usually seen in the yellow region chat.
  19. Points = item mall points, these are purchased through the Requiem web site ->
  20. WTB = Wanting to buy, why they don't just go to the AH I do not know.
  21. WTS = Want to Sell, some people do not want to pay the 5% commission when you sell items through the AH but be careful, people can try and rip you off. You should also know what sort of price the item is currently selling for on the AH.
  22. WTT = Want to Trade, to trade an item for another item or lant.
  23. Xeons = they are like crystals, there are three main types.

see also: Accuracy Down III 10s.png Enchants.

NOTE: Scammers have been known to scam new people and should be careful of buying/selling "Item mall" items for Lant. The only way to give someone an item from the mall is to gift it not the normal trade window where both Lant and item are traded at the same time. You give them the item/lant and it is up to the other person to fulfill the request.

Character Classes

  1. BM = Battle Magician
  2. Commie, Comme or Commi = Commander
  3. Domi = Dominator
  4. Ele = Elementalist
  5. Prot = Protector
  6. Rad = Radiant
  7. SH = Soul Hunter
  8. Sin = Assassin
  9. SR = Shadow Runner
  10. Tempy, Tempe, Tempi, or Temp = Tempest
  11. Venger = Avenger
  12. WL = Warlord
  13. Zerk or Zerker = Berserker
  14. Defi = Defiler


  1. Acc = Short for accuracy.
  2. AoE = Area of Effect, this is where you damage all mobs within a certain area.
  3. CAD = Critical additional damage.
  4. DoT = Damage over Time, this is a skill you would use on a mob and it keeps giving them damage. An example is the Hydrochloric Acid Throw of the Battle Magician.
  5. Def = Short for defense (physical).
  6. DPS = Damage Per Strike (or Second), the amount of damage done each time an attack is used.
  7. Eva = Short for evasion (physical).
  8. FFA = Free For All, used during raid events when the item drop is available for anyone to win.
  9. FTL = For the lose, often used when losing a battle or being dealt a poor hand at some endeavor.
  10. FTW = For the win
  11. HoT = Heal over Time, these are heal skills that have a regenerative property.
  12. KS = Kill Steal, when you intentionally or inadvertently get the credit for killing a mob or player that another person was trying to kill.
  13. MPK = Mob player kill, where a player gets you killed by a mob.
  14. PB = Possession Beast, anything pertaining to it.
  15. PCC = Physical critical chance.
  16. PK = Player kill, now available in Trifi server.
  17. PvE = Player verse Enemy/Environment, it is player versus the AI of the game and mobs.
  18. PvP = Player verse Player, where players duel and try and kill each other.
  19. SCAD = Skill critical additional damage.
  20. SCC = Skill critical chance.
  21. Squishy = A class of characters that cannot take a lot of damage due to low defense and low HP.
  22. Tank or Meat Shield = A class of characters that can take alot of damage and still live.
  23. Twink = Are characters that have gear that has been reinforced/enchanted with high amounts of stat that normal players have not obtained.

Dungeons and Battle Fields

  1. VIF = Valdes In Flames.
  2. AT = Ancient Temple.
  3. AoS = Altar of Sacrifice.
  4. BH = Black Hand, where Black Hand mobs are located on the map (map refers to the current map the player is located in).
  5. Chalt = Chalt Village, a town in Parness where nightmare mobs appear.
  6. CS = Chaste Sanctum, located in both starting maps (Turba and Crescent).
  7. DC = Doom Cheras, a raid boss.
  8. DS = Dark Sanctuary.
  9. ET = Erunil Tower.
  10. FoC = Field of contention battleground.
  11. IM = Ion Mine battleground.
  12. JS = Jacob Shrine.
  13. LW = Lord Werinuman, a raid boss.
  14. PD = Premium Dungeon, any of the three.
  15. RH = Ruinhorn, a raid boss.
  16. Roke = Roke Tower, a location in Turba where two different nightmare mobs appear.
  17. RoL = Ruins of Lament.
  18. Rozen = Rozen Merchant Guild Headquarters, a town in Parness where nightmare mobs appear.
  19. SL = Secret Lab (also the Aircraft Accident Site).
  20. ST = Secret Temple.
  21. SvS = Server verse Server, you fight against players from other server.
  22. TD = Treasure Dungeon, any of the three.
  23. RM = Robina Mine (sometimes called Tobina Mine).
  24. TB = Theme Battle (both Union and Strongest).
  25. TM = Tobina Mine (sometimes called Robina Mine, spelling error from Korean to English).
  26. WS = Wrecked Ship, an area on the Parness map.
  27. WS = Wrecked Ship, a dungeon in South Hammerine Woods.
  28. WT = Water tower, an area on the Parness map.