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PD This article has been identified as having outdated content.


There are so many terms people are using what do they all mean?

Have a look at the Game terminology page, that explains what some of the short hand means.

How do I use region chat?

Region chat is only available to subscribers, both Basic and Premium packages are allowed to region chat, free accounts are not.

How do I earn a decent amount of money?

Read the Beginners guide to earning Lant.

Where do I check my mail?

You collect mail from the "Transporter". Transporters can be found in all cities.

What do xeons do ?

There are 4 main types of xeons: Reinforcement Xeons, Basic Xeons, 'Enchanting Xeons and Compounding Xeons. Xeons. Basically these xeons are use to reinforce/compound/enchant gear.


How do I make my weapon glow?

This can be done via enchanting process. The higher your enchantments the brighter it's looks.

How do I raise my defence against magic attacks?

Magic defence refers to the Resistance to the element attacks (Fire, Water, Wind, Curse, Light, Lightning). This can be increased with various items : Property Resistance Power of the Infinite, Armors, Weapons, Jewels, Skills, Intelligence (increase all resistances), or Resistance Xeons, increase your "defence" (Resistance) against one or more element's. Maximal Resistance to all elements is 80% (over 80% would only be useful against debuffs). Look here please:Resistance

My character's damage is so low. How can I raise it?

The best way is to reinforce your accessory and your weapon. Ex: For low level (1-40) casters Reinforced Meditation/Dura Set is good choice. For melee classes Reinforced Solid/Lentus is fine too.

NOTE: Higher level melee's weapon has higher physical damage. Higher level caster's weapon has just a bit higher magic damage.


How do you transfer your items to another character on your account?

When characters are on the same account transfer of items it is only possible to transfer directly between characters if you have subscribed as Basic or Premium. Subscribers account have a joint safe at the bank that is shared between ALL characters on that account, Basic has a single joint safe, Premium has two.

If you want to transfer items and you are not a subscriber you will have to create a second account and mail the item(s) using the transporter. It costs 10 Lant to mail the item, so it will end up costing 20 Lant, once to the second account and once back to the target character.

Lant can be transferred between characters on the same account using the bank. Deposit with one and withdraw on the other, it does not cost anything to deposit or withdraw.

Where are the Mutant Sea Lions and/or the Krebiz?

Similar to how Nightmare monsters appear only at certain hours, some monsters are daytime(5:00 ~ 19:00) monsters and therefore don't spawn during night.

Where are the Desert Ant Larva?

Found by activating small mounds around Sand Hell in Turba near North Watchtower

How come my experience is different from others?

At the current moment, those users on basic and premium plans earn more experience not only on monsters but on quests as well.

I get a message about some Internet cafe expiring. What is that?

This message indicates your basic/premium membership is about to expire.
Note: The timing of it is a bit off, so it may give you a "5 minute" notification for about half an hour >.<

I see people riding on some kind of animal. How do I get one?

They are riding a type of mount. There are currently two ways to get one. The first is via the Item Shop, but you will have to pay real money for them. The second is to do the quest called "Lost Rex Cage" at level 29,if you finished the quest you get the mount. The Cash shop mounts are faster than the Rex, but also have time limits. So far the Rex, from the in game quest, has no such limit. When you start a new character, you get a mount for a periode of 7 days, for free.(So use it^^) You can also compound mounts with Mount License and infinity atmas, you can get Mount License from level 50 trifri quest while infinity atma you can get from RAID bosses, ioxenic box or compounding 5 shards of infinity.

I have a quest that asks for Mini Golem Claw. I've been killing golems for HOURS and haven't gotten one claw! why!?

This quest is bugged. You need "Mini Gropie Claws", from "Wild Small Gropies". You can find them by the Blackhand Debouchment in Crescent and in the El-rima Desert in Turba.

I'm looking for Jeff in El-rima Prison but I can't find him!

This quest is bugged. His name is Jaff and he is to be found close to the Prison gate near the fireplace.

A friend of mine recently got married in an mmorpg game can i do that in requiem?

Yes you can. With two consenting couples, a ring, and a witness you can host an in game wedding. Ex.Mike+Grr

Technical Issues

How do I get official support for Technical Issues with Requiem?

Navigate your Web Browser to Warpportal Support where you can submit a ticket requesting support.

When I start Requiem:(Bloodymare) Memento Mori, the Updater does not show any progress and then I get an error 6 message 'Failed to connect to Internet'

That sometimes happens when the servers are down for testing or implementing new content. Otherwise it means your computer simply does not have an available Internet connection, or that a firewall of some sort is getting in the way. The problem can also be directed at your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It involves the path your ISP uses to get to the Requiem site and its servers. In that case, it's a waiting game and there's not much you can do about it, other then complain directly to your ISP and hope enough people do the same.

I get horrible lag in the game, and other people seem to move faster than me. What's going on?

This could be do to quite a few issues. From not having enough RAM on your computer, to the area you are in just being laggy period. Some places such as "the instance" for party quest sections have lag regardless. If you are having overall game lag, try and check your graphics card. In some cases, it may be trying to give the game rules in which it can't handle. Search the manufacturers website for your graphics card manual. If your card has options to "Allow The Application To Control" particular settings, try making those changes. If this does not help or you are not comfortable changing settings on your PC, try contacting the Requiem support team. They may have a host of other options for you to try.

How do I invert Y mouse view axis

That's not implemented, sorry. Register on the forum, search for "Y axis invert" and add your voice to the suggestion.

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