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Durability is a property of all equippable items, except for the start equipment, that ranges from 0 to 100. These items enter the world with 100% durability. The only way durability is lost is through character death with that those items equipped. Each item equipped can lose up to 10% durability each time your character dies. If the durability of an item reaches 0%, it will no longer bestow any of it's stats or defense bonuses to your character. If a weapon reaches 0% durability then any skills that have a weapon prerequisite will cease to function and your character will attack with their bare hands.

Note: One strategy is if you know your character is going to die and is running from a mob, you can quickly remove your gear before death to avoid durability on the items equipped.

Low Durability Warning

If any of your equipped items reach a certain durability threshold the Character Window Button located on the right side of your screen will change color to alert you.

  • When durability reaches 20% or lower, the Character Window Button will turn yellow
  • When durability reaches 0% the Character Window Button will turn red.

Repairing Durability

To repair the durability of your items, visit a Repairman NPC located in most towns and outposts. Repairman NPCs offer two choices for item repair in exchange for a repair fee relative to the value of the repaired item(s).

  • The Repair All option will repair all of your equipped items to 100% durability. Unequipped items in your inventory will not be repaired.
  • The Repair One Item option will allow you to repair just one item at a time to 100% durability. The item can either be equipped or in your inventory.

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