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DNA System

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DNA is a game mechanic that allows you to passively enhance certain aspects of skills. Each individual DNA is designed to complement one particular skill.

For Example: There is a DNA to increase the HP Recovery of the Templar spell Lesser Heal. Another available DNA is designed to lower it's MP Consumption. Yet another available DNA is designed to lower it's Casting Time.

Although some skills have multiple DNA designed to enhance their function, not every skill has a DNA available to enhance it. Additionally, there is currently no known DNA available for Advanced job skills.

Levels of DNA

Each DNA can be upgraded a maximum of five to ten times.

DNA Upgrade Process

The DNA system provides players with the ability to upgrade their character's DNA on-the-fly through the DNA window, as long as the character meets the upgrade requirements.

Altering DNA

Once set, DNA upgrades cannot be altered, unless a Skill Reset item is purchased through the Item Mall.

DNA Points

Quest DNA

All players start the game with 25 DNA Points DNA Sym.gif.

There are two ways to acquire more DNA points for a maximum amount of 55:

  • 5 Additional DNA points may be earned upon completion of the level 75 quest:
Quest Sym.png The Research of New Genes (Final)
  • 25 Additional DNA points may be purchased from the Item Mall, accessible at any level.

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