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This page is designated for players to add their individual skill builds.

Please feel free to create your own build page and add it to the list.

Player Builds

Build Author(s) Last Updated
TuranCommander01.png Commander
Season 1 Commander Builds September, 2009
TuranProtector01.png Protector
Season 2 PvE Protector Barbecue June, 2013
Zukan's Protector Build Daskar, Doubtheart December, 2009
Season 1 Protector Builds September, 2009
TuranTempest01.png Tempest
Primo's S2 Tempest Primordialslayer June, 2010
Emblazon's Tempest Doubtheart December, 2009
Season 1 Tempest Builds September, 2009
TuranRadiant01.png Radiant
Radiant Build For Support Edward1234 April, 2014
Season 2 Radiant 69 PvP Build AleMaserati October, 2013
Thorny & The Way Of The Healer (4 Templar builds included) Thorny January, 2010
Season 1 Radiant Builds September, 2009
BartukBerserker01.png Berserker
kayman SS Build Kaymanx August, 2013
Season 2 Berserker DPS Build Jinku March, 2012
Warrior Build Lv 49 badass Redbuller80 May, 2010
Season 1 Berserker Builds September, 2009
BartukWarlord01.png Warlord
John WL PRO build John May, 2013
Warlord build! Little - Valdes Silviopm December, 2011
Warlord build! DrDolor - Valdes DrDolor February, 2011
BartukForsaker01.png Forsaker
Edward1234's PvP Build for Forsaker Edward1234 October, 2013
S2 Spyire Build Spyclops October, 2013
Unexi S2 Build UrbanSlick May, 2010
Season 1 Forsaker Builds September, 2009
BartukMystic01.png Mystic
Edward1234's PVE/PVP Mystic Level 85 Build Edward1234 March, 2014
Vipeer's PVE/PVP Mystic Build Vipeer March, 2014
Edward1234's Raid Support Mystic Build Edward1234 October, 2013
Way to heal-kill John June, 2013
S2 Lapeno's - Raid Support Mystic Lapeno September, 2011
Siri0n's Mystic PVE level 79 (new DNA included) DxPpLmOs August, 2010
S2 Awesome Shammy 49 build Redbuller80 May, 2010
Likha's Mystic PVP Likha March, 2010
Emblazon's & Zukan's Lv49 PvP Shaman Doubtheart December, 2009
Emblazon's AoE PvE Mystic Doubtheart December, 2009
Zuru's Mystic Build Doubtheart December, 2009
Season 1 Mystic Builds September, 2009
KruxenaShadowrunner01.png Shadow Runner
Talwar's Talwar August, 2013
Rogue - ShadowRunner way, lv 1-49 Redbuller80 May, 2010
Season 1 Shadow Runner Builds September, 2009
KruxenaAssassin01.png Assassin
Edward1234's Pure PVP Build for Assassin AA type Edward1234 March, 2014
Memento Mori Rogue - Assassin way Lv 49 Redbuller80 May, 2010
Season 1 Assassin Builds September, 2009
KruxenaDefiler01.png Defiler
Paffendorf's Defiler lvl up (Unfinished) Paffendorf February, 2013
Soul Hunter PvE and PvP Build Memento Mori Redbuller80 May, 2010
Season 1 Defiler Builds September, 2009
Lithi's lvl 78 PvE Lithi N/A
KruxenaDominator01.png Dominator
AnimaRedux Dominator build FINISHED AnimaRedux October, 2015
Season 2 Dominator Farmer Build Unfinished Jinku March, 2012
Season 1 Dominator Builds September, 2009
XenoaRanger01.png Ranger
Bestiaunlimited's 79 Build 2011 UrbanSlick June, 2011
Trajex's Build Trajex January, 2011
Season 1 Ranger Builds September, 2009
XenoaAvenger01.png Avenger
Trajex's Avenger Build Trajex January, 2011
Primos S2 build Primordialslayer June, 2010
XenoaDruid01.png Druid
AnimaRedux AA Druid Build Work In Proggres AnimaRedux June, 2016
Stradivarius Druid Build s2 Shuhamma, Edaw6282 June, 2010
Season 1 Druid Builds September, 2009
XenoaElementalist01.png Elementalist
cranium1349's Elementalist Build Pvp & Pve (Memento Mori Version) Cranium1349 February 2010
Emblazon's PvP Elementalist Doubtheart December, 2009
Trajex's Elementalist Build Trajex December, 2009
JustMe's Elementalist Build S2 -> PVE Shiza December, 2009
Season 1 Elementalist Builds September, 2009

Skill Calculators

There are currently no skill calculators available for this wiki.

Please consider expanding on this idea here.

External link skill calculators:

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