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Basic Game Control

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Chat in public by pressing the Enter key to initiate Chat Mode, entering the text you wish to speak, and then pressing Enter again. You won't be able to move using the keyboard while in Chat Mode, but you can still right-click a spot on the screen and your character will move towards it.

If you wish to send your message to a particular channel, precede your message with one of the following characters:

 ! General Chat
@ Region Chat
# Party Chat
$ Guild Chat
  • Note- Region chat can only be used if you have purchased Basic or Premium.

Social Commands

You can also perform gestures through the Action menu to really show how you're feeling or use the shortcut commands.

Command Emote
/hi Hello
/clp Applause
/ha Haha
/grr Anger
/cry Cry
/dan Dance
/thx Appreciation
/slt Salute
/prv Provoke
/vic Victory
/frt Defeat
/ye Affirmation
/no Turndown
/luk Pomposity
/gtst Get Set
/dance dance
/dance1 another dance
/laydown laydown
/pray pray
/playdead play dead
/actionX (X = 1 thru 10) actions

Keyboard and Mouse Use


Requiem uses the WASD keyboard system and/or Point-and-Click for controlling movement.

W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Turn Left
D Turn Right
Q Strafe Left
E Strafe Right

When the mouse is used, either the Right or Left mouse button can be used to designate where you want your character to move to.


  • Direction - Hold down the right mouse button, and move the mouse.
  • Zoom - Move the scroll wheel up and down.


You can target NPCs and monsters by clicking on them with the Left Mouse Button, and talk and interact with NPCs and objects by clicking on them with the Right Mouse Button.

  • The Tab key can also be used to target the closest enemy.


To attack a monster, double click or right click on it so that it is surrounded by both a gold and red circle. Then move your character to within range of it, and use either Skills or melee attacks. If your character is not facing a monster or is outside of that skill/attack's range, you will be unable to attack it. You can also use the Tab key to target the closest enemy (This does not work when being attacked in PK on the Hammerine server) and use F (The default attack key) to attack. Of course, you must be in range.

Player Killing

To initiate an attack on another player.

Registration Click Procedure:
1) Hold Left Control Key + Mouse click on a target.
2) The target should now be registered and their name should appear in a UI in the upper left corner of your screen.

  • For multiple target registrations: Continue holding the Left Control Key and click on all the targets.

Note: This is only available in specific regions on Hammerine/Nova Servers only, check PK System for details. After Dec 12th, 2012, PK will be disabled on the client-based server. Client-based Player Killing will be reinstated a few months after on the newly merged Trifri Server.

Responding to a Player Killing Aggressor

You cannot attack the player back without them first being registered as attack-able. Performing the task above can be tricky when you have very little time to spare. It is possible to Auto-Register this action by toggling the setting 'Automatic registration of PK Target' in System > Game > Game Settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts

General commands to be used during the game, from viewing your character, skills, equipment, etc..

UI Shortcut
C Character Window
K Skill Window
O Guild Window
U Quest Window
B Open Bags
M Map
N DNA Window

Left Ctrl Key

Holding down the Left Ctrl key (only) will allow you to:

  1. View your lant total in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. View an equipment comparison window by mousing over any piece of equipment.
  3. Link an item to the chat window by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Left Shift Key

Holding down the Left Shift key (only) will allow you to:

  1. To break up grouped items.
    • ie. to take 100 items and break it up in your bag to two groups.
  2. To view the next Reinforcement Level of an Item.

In-Game Commands

Command Function
/trade or /tr <Character Name> Open a Trade window with the specified character
/whisper or /w <Character Name> Send a Whisper to the specified character
/party or /in <Character Name> Send a Party invite to the specified character
/guild or /gin <Character Name> Send a Guild invite to the specified character
/united <Character Name> Send an Alliance party invite to the specified character
/corps <Character Name> Send a Corps party invite to the specified character
/friend or /fin <Character Name> Add the specified character to your Friends list
/shut <Character Name> Add the specified character to your Block list
/pvp or /pin <Character Name> Send a Duel request to the specified character
/stop_pvp or /pstop Abort a Duel in progress


  • Pressing the X key makes your character take a well earned rest and take full advantage of his MP and HP regeneration.
  • Almost all keys can be edited by the user. Remember key settings are stored in the application, not on the servers. When editing a lot of your key-binds, it is a good idea to manually restart the game before proceeding. This ensures that your changes stay in case of a game crash.