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Alternate Advancement

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Alternate Advancement is an optional system to convert vertical experience-based progression toward lateral proliferation of various stats, bonus, and extras designed to be utilitized by each player's needs. This system is the next generation of the Honor System which was introduced when Gravity Interactive, Inc. took over operations.

Character Experience is the default option.

July 26, 2016 - Varitas Notes on the Update:

Honor Points will no longer be earned as they were before by specific participation in a Battlefield or a Raid. Instead, Honor serves as an alternate form of Experience that puts more of the character development in your hands. New Builds incorporating the honor skills benefits are sure to arise and compete.

The system is available as before to all character on an account to use but character level restrictions have been introduced and the earned honor grade prerequisite remains to balance out the use of the system.

Keep in mind Honor Experience may be earned playing on a character at level cap or playing a level 1 and up on a reroll. All you have to do is toggle Alternate Advancement ON or OFF from the Character panel (default key: C) using the new button that was teased in early June.If the button has Orange text then Alternate Advancement is OFF and you will earn Character Experience on the character. If the button has Green text then Alternate Advancement is ON and you will earn Honor Experience on the account instead.