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ClassesBartuk ➢ Warrior
Race Base: Bartuk
Job Type: First
Level Requirement: 1
Number of Skills: 9
Total Skill Points: 90


Warriors use their powerful strength to wield heavy Two-Handed Weapons to inflict tremendous damage to their enemies. Their combat speed is pretty slow due to their large size and heavy weight. Warriors are easily provoked by enemies, but their instincts can help them avoid most dangerous situations.

Warriors rarely equip Shields, preferring to focus on using Two-Handed Weapons to inflict as much damage as they can to their enemies. Their skills specialize in stunning, causing ranged damage, or just inflicting massive damage.

Advanced Classes




Skill Tree

Level 1: Power AttackLevel 1: Fighting WillLevel 10: Titan's StrikeLevel 10: Final WrathLevel 20: Armor BreakerLevel 20: ChargeLevel 30: CourageLevel 40: SlayerLevel 40: TerrorWarrior.jpg
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Skills and DNA

Skill Brief Description Points Type Available DNA
Level 1 Skills
Warrior Power Attack.gif Power Attack Concentrate your power into a weapon to strike the target with mighty force, inflicting massive damage. 10 Offensive
Warrior Fighting Will.gif Fighting Will Temporarily increase your Attack Success Rate. 10 Supportive
DNA Warrior Extended Fighting Will.gif Extended Fighting Will
DNA Warrior Strengthened Fighting Will.gif Strengthened Fighting Will
Level 10 Skills
Warrior Titan's Strike.gif Titan's Strike Exert your full strength in an attack with a heavy sword to strike the target. 10 Offensive
DNA Warrior Titan's Strike Intensification.gif Titan's Strike Intensification
Warrior Final Wrath.gif Final Wrath Increase your Physical Attack Power. 10 Passive
DNA Warrior Strengthened Final Wrath.gif Strengthened Final Wrath
Level 20 Skills
Warrior Armor Breaker.gif Armor Breaker Attack the target to inflict additional damage and decrease its short range defense power for a set duration. 10 Offensive
DNA Warrior Armor Breaker Intensification.gif Armor Breaker Intensification
Warrior Charge.gif Charge Charge into an enemy to inflict great damage with the chance of a stun. 10 Offensive
DNA Warrior Potens Dash.gif Potens Dash
DNA Warrior Strengthened Dash.gif Strengthened Dash
Level 30 Skills
Warrior Courage.gif Courage Increase your Short Range Attack Power for a set duration. 10 Supportive
DNA Warrior Extended Courage.gif Extended Courage
DNA Warrior Strengthened Courage.gif Strengthened Courage
Level 40 Skills
Warrior Slayer.gif Slayer Leap high, spin in midair, and then perform a destructive downward strike to inflict tremendous damage upon multiple targets. 10 Offensive
DNA Warrior Strengthened Slayer.gif Strengthened Slayer
Warrior Terror.gif Terror Strike an enemy with terror to throw him into confusion for a set duration. 10 Offensive
DNA Warrior Accuracy of Terror.gif Accuracy of Terror

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