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ClassesTuranTemplar ➢ Radiant
Job Base: Templar
Job Type: Advanced
Level Requirement: 50
Number of Skills: 10
Total Skill Points: 100


Radiants have mastered the magical knowledge of the Xenon Order, enabling them to wield powerful divine magic that can recover HP for their entire party. Although Radiants are Turans, their close range magic is comparable to Xenoas.

Radiants use Maces or Staffs to enhance their Physical Attack Strength, and can use magic for Attacks, Recovery, and Defense. They also have access to abilities that can incapacitate or compel enemies to fight for them.

Skill Tree

TuranRadiant01.png Radiant Skills
1st Job: Templar
2nd Job: Tempest   2nd Job: Radiant
1st Job
Level 1: Return
Level 1: Elec Bolt
Level 1: Rejuvenation
Level 1: Ion Shield
AD-2.png AD-2.png AD-2.png
Level 10: Elec Twister
Level 10: Concentration
AD-2.png AD-3.png
Level 20: Charged Bolt
Level 20: Lesser Heal
Level 20: Divine Protection
AD-2.png AD-2.png
Level 30: Elec Shock
Level 40: Holy Bolt
Level 40: Invigoration
Level 40: Blessed Revelation
Level 40: Magic Shield Mastery
Level 40: Sleep
Level 50: Salvation
2nd Job
Level 50: Resistance (Curse)
Level 50: Lesser Party Heal
Level 50: Moderate Heal
Level 50: Divine Protection
Level 50: Survival Instinct
AD-1.png AD-1.png
Level 60: Restoration
Level 60: Moderate Party Heal
Level 60: Hush
Level 60: Mana Shield
Level 80: Divine Cleansing

Skills and DNA

Skill Brief Description Points Type Available DNA
Level 50 Skills
Templar Resistance (Curse).gif Resistance (Curse) Permanently increase your tolerance against the Curse property effects. 10 Passive
Templar Lesser Party Heal.gif Lesser Party Heal Restore your Party Member's HP with holy power. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Strengthened Lesser Party Heal.gif Str. Lesser Party Heal
Templar Moderate Heal.gif Moderate Heal Restore the target's HP with holy power. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Long Range Moderate Heal.gif Long Range Moderate Heal
Radiant Divine Protection.gif Divine Protection Increase your entire party's Defense Power for a set duration. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Strengthened Divine Protection.gif Str. Divine Protection
Templar Survival Instinct.gif Survival Instinct Permanently increase your Short and Long Range Defense Power. 10 Passive
DNA Templar Strengthened Survival Instinct.gif Str. Survival Instinct
Level 60 Skills
Templar Restoration.gif Restoration Removes all curse effects cast on the target. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Potens Restoration.gif Potens Restoration
Radiant Moderate Party Heal.gif Moderate Party Heal Increase the HP of surrounding Party Members with holy power. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Long Range Moderate Party Heal.gif Long Range Mod. Party Heal
Radiant Hush.gif Hush Seal the target's mouth to temporarily inhibit its magic casting. 10 Offensive
DNA Templar Swift Hush.gif Swift Hush
Radiant Mana Shield.gif Mana Shield Shield yourself with magic energy so that you consume MP instead of losing HP. 10 Supportive
DNA Templar Mana Shield Intensification.gif Mana Shield Intensification
DNA Templar Swift Mana Shield.gif Swift Mana Shield
Level 80 Skills
Radiant Divine Cleansing.gif Divine Cleansing Cure party members with negative status (Paralysis, Sleep, Fear, Halt, Slow). 7 Supportive

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