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Races Exploring Ethergia
Origins Featured Article

The greatest menace that the races of Ethergia will face is now upon them, and future generations will know these days as the Chaotic Era. Mutant monsters continue to roam the countryside, their hordes moving closer and closer to inhabited villages and cities. Stronger, more violent Dark Creatures have begun to appear mysteriously in the night. Ioxenic has stepped forward to bring hope ... to protect Ethergia and defeat the growing monster threat! Continue Reading


Nightmare Chamber
This newly created battlefield is a close quarter combat arena for Temperions to engage in bloodshed.
  • A whole new team deathmatch themed map.
  • Join as a group or solo in a 5v5 all out battle.
  • A new way to earn Honor and Battlefield points.
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June, 2015

New: Valdes, Bastion in Flames! Training Dummies in Nova Lux!


New: Steam Access: Download & Play

December, 2014

Release: The Darkness Rises Patch 174
Fixes to: Rex Compound, Some Skills/DNA
Christmas Event: Implemented
Release: The Darkness Rises Patch 173
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