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ClassesKruxenaRogue ➢ Assassin
Job Base: Rogue
Job Type: Advanced
Level Requirement: 50
Number of Skills: 11
Total Skill Points: 110


Assassins always get their targets with their swift advances and quick movements. They can use various weapons, and are particularly skilled at using poison that can speedily inflict lethal damage. An Assassin's arrogance occasionally gives enemies an opening to attack him from a distance.

Assassins usually use dual weapons for short range combat and crossbows for long range combat. They are skilled at striking their enemies first, and pursuing them to finish them off. Their hiding skills can also be used to cause great damage to distracted enemies.

Skill Tree

KruxenaAssassin01.png Assassin Skills
1st Job: Rogue
2nd Job: Assassin   2nd Job: Shadow Runner
1st Job
Level 1: Return
Level 1: Sword Aura of Darkness
Level 1: Fighting Will
Level 1: Quick Attack
AD-2.png ARD.png AD-1.png
Level 10: Poison of Malice
Level 10: Forward Dash
AD-2.png AD-3.png
Level 20: Raid
Level 20: Joint Strike
AD-2.png AD-2.png
Level 30: Poison Arrow
Level 30: Stealth
Level 30: Doppleganger Magic
Level 40: Home Thrust
Level 40: Fortitude
Level 40: Soccer Kick
Level 40: Ambush
Level 40: Retreat
2nd Job
Level 50: Lightning Speed
Level 50: Excessive Bleeding
Level 50: Brutal Scud
Level 50: Blinding Attack
Level 50: Dual Wield Mastery
AD-1.png AD-1.png AD-1.png
Level 60: Breaking Pieces
Level 60: Infection
Level 60: Explosive Hacking
Level 60: Stealing Weapon
Level 70: Spinning Edge
Level 80: Deadly Cry

Skills and DNA

Skill Brief Description Points Type Available DNA
Level 50 Skills
Rogue Lightning Speed.gif Lightning Speed Swing a Short Range Weapon in a wide horizontal arc to strike multiple enemies. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Strengthened Lightning Speed.gif Str. Lightning Speed
Rogue Excessive Bleeding.gif Excessive Bleeding Perform a spinning attack with your weapon to inflict damage and continuous damage. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Extended Excessive Bleeding.gif Ext. Excessive Bleeding
Assassin Brutal Scud.gif Brutal Scud Stealth Mode Exclusive: Dash into the target to inflict damage and stun it. 10 Offensive
Rogue Blinding Attack 2.gif Blinding Attack Inflict damage and temporarily decrease its Movement Speed. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Extended Blinding Attack.gif Extended Blinding Attack
Rogue Dual Wield Mastery.gif Dual Wield Mastery Permanently increase your Short Range Physical Attack Power. 10 Passive
DNA Rogue Strengthened Dual Wield Mastery.gif Str. Dual Wield Mastery
Level 60 Skills
Rogue Breaking Pieces.gif Breaking Pieces Perform a spinning slash with a sword to strike multiple enemies. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Breaking Pieces Intensification.gif Breaking Pieces Int.
Rogue Infection.gif Infection Wield a weapon with poison to inflict continuous damage on multiple enemies. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Extended Infection.gif Extended Infection
Assassin Explosive Hacking.gif Explosive Hacking Swiftly perform a spinning sword attack from behind to inflict large amounts of damage. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Potens Explosive Hacking.gif Potens Explosive Hacking
Assassin Stealing Weapon.gif Stealing Weapon Remove the target's weapon attack power for a duration. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Extended Stealing Weapon.gif Extended Stealing Weapon
Level 70 Skills
Assassin Spinning Edge.gif Spinning Edge Wield a sword quickly spinning your body to inflict damage and continuous damage. 10 Offensive
DNA Rogue Range Spinning Edge.gif Range Spinning Edge
DNA Rogue Extended Spinning Edge.gif Extended Spinning Edge
Level 80 Skills
Assassin Deadly Cry.gif Deadly Cry Increase surrounding party members' Physical and Skill critical damage. 7 Supportive

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